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U1401B Handheld Multi-Function Calibrator/Meter

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The Keysight Technologies, Inc. handheld multi-function calibrator/meter has all you need for quick validation, servicing or troubleshooting of process control devices on the go. Travel and test easily with one rugged, feature-packed tool. Keysight now offers its latest handheld calibrator/meter, the U1401B in all-new orange, providing all the capabilities and functions you need.

The 2-in-1 that helps you travel light

More often than not, the calibration of process control parts requires simultaneous measurements with a DMM. With the U1401B, you can carry two tools in one—and calibrate while you measure. Slip the U1401B in its sturdy carrying case and you’re ready to go.

Full-featured DMM functions

The U1401B is packed with a full span of DMM measurement functions, including AC+DC voltage and current, resistance, temperature, frequency, diode and continuity tests. It also equips you with recording functions such as Hold, Min/Max/Average and data logging to PC.

Rugged and tested to stringent standards

The U1401B comes with a robust protective holster and is tested to stringent industrial standards.


  • Dual display with bright LCD backlight
  • Simultaneous source and measure
  • Bipolar voltage and current, square-wave, auto scan and ramp outputs
  • Full-span DMM capability, including temperature and frequency measurements
  • Hold and Min/Max/Average recordings
  • Data logging to PC with optional IR-to-USB cable
  • Built-in charging capability
  • Input Specifications

The accuracy is given as ± (% of reading + counts of least significant digit (LSD)) at 23 °C ± 5 °C, with relative humidity less than 80% R.H. and after a warm-up period of at least five minutes. Without warm-up, an additional five counts of LSD need to be considered.


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