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ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer

Data Sheets

Customers wanting to take advantage of the ESA flexibility, but who need a faster analyzer for the manufacturing line, or connectivity to LAN/USB in addition to GPIB, or want to do in depth signal analysis with 89600 VSA soft­ware, will benefit from the Keysight Technologies, Inc. EXA signal analyzer. For comparison convenience, the EXA specifications are shown in this ESA-E data sheet.

Customers looking for a general-purpose spectrum analyzer will appreciate the flexibility of the Keysight ESA-E Series spectrum analyzer, which can be used for a wide range of applications from aerospace and defense to the manufactur­ing line. With express analyzer configurations (STD/STG/COM), customers will benefit from faster delivery and its price advantage


The ESA-E Series spectrum analyzers are tested to ensure they will meet their warranted performance. Unless otherwise stated, all specifications are valid over 0 to 55 °C. Supplemental characteristics, shown in italics, are intended to provide additional information that is useful in using the instrument. These typical (expected) or nominal performance parameters are not warranted but represent performance that 80 percent of the units tested exhibit with 95 percent confidence at room temperature (20 to 30 °C). This data sheet is intended as a quick reference to ESA-E spectrum analyzer specifications, and is by no means complete.

ESA-E Express Analyzer Options

The ESA-E Series spectrum analyzers have three express analyzer options: STD, STG, and COM.

ESA standard express analyzers (STD/STG): All standard express analyzers include fast time domain sweep, FM demodulation, and GPIB connection. To add the functionality of a tracking generator, only available on the ESA, order the STG option.

ESA communication express analyzers (COM): The ESA communication analyzer includes many additional options required to demodulate select wireless standards.

The EXA X-Series signal analyzer is a great alternative to the ESA-COM express analyzer. All demodulation hardware and speed advantages are standard. In addition, the EXA can run the 89600 VSA software internally to demodulate even the most difficult wireless signals. For a lower cost VSA alternative, many customers are now using the N9064A VXA measurement application for their remote demodulation needs with SCPI programming. The N9064A is only available on the X-Series signal analyzers and is not offered on the ESA spectrum analyzer.


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