16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzers

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Quickly debug, validate, and optimize your digital system—at a price that fits your budget

Features and Benefits

  • 250 ps resolution (4 GHz) timing zoom to find elusive timing problems quickly, without double probing
  • 15” display, with available touch screen, allows you to see more data and navigate quickly
  • View Scope—time-correlated measurements and displays of your logic analyzer and oscilloscope data let you effectively track down problems across the analog and digital portions of your design
  • Eight models with 34/68/102/136/204 channels, up to 32 M memory depth and models with a pattern generator provide the measurement flexibility for any budget
  • Application support for every aspect of today’s complex designs—FPGA dynamic probe, digital VSA (vector signal analysis) and broad processor and bus support

Logic Analysis for Tracking Real-time System Operation

Keysight 16800 Series portable logic analyzers offer the performance, applications, and usability your digital development team needs to quickly debug, validate, and optimize your digital system—at a price that fits your budget.

The logic analyzer’s timing and state acquisition gives you the power to:

  • Accurately measure precise timing relationships using 4 GHz (250 ps) timing zoom with 64 K depth.
  • Find anomalies separated in time with memory depths upgradeable to 32 M.
  • Buy what you need today and upgrade in the future. 16800 Series logic analyzers come with independent upgrades for memory depth and state speed.
  • Sample synchronous buses accurately and confidently using eye finder. Eye finder automatically adjusts threshold and setup and hold to give you the highest confidence in measurements on high-speed buses.
  • Track problems from symptom to root cause across several measurement modes by viewing time-correlated data in waveform/chart, listing, inverse assembly, source code, or compare display.
  • Set up triggers quickly and confidently with intuitive, simple, quick, and advanced triggering. This capability combines new trigger functionality with an intuitive user interface.
  • Access the signals that hold the key to your system’s problems with the industry’s widest range of probing accessories with capacitive loading down to 0.7 pF.
  • Monitor and correlate multiple buses with split analyzer capability, which provides single and multibus support (timing, state, timing/state or state/state configurations).

Accurately measure precise timing relationships

16800 Series logic analyzers let you make accurate high-speed timing measurements with 4 GHz (250 ps) high-speed timing zoom. A parallel acquisition architecture provides high-speed timing measurements simultaneously through the same probe used for state or timing measurements. Timing zoom stays active all the time with no tradeoffs. View data at high resolution over longer periods of time with 64 K-deep timing zoom.

Automate measurement setup and quickly gain diagnostic clues

16800 Series logic analyzers make it easy for you to get up and running quickly by automating your measurement setup process. In addition, the logic analyzer’s setup/hold window (or sampling position) and threshold voltage settings are automatically determined so you can capture data on high-speed buses with the highest accuracy. Auto Threshold and Sample Position mode allow you to...

  • Obtain accurate and reliable measurements
  • Save time during measurement setup
  • Gain diagnostic clues and identify problem signals quickly
  • Scan all signals and buses simultaneously or just a few
  • View results as a composite display or as individual signals
  • See skew between signals and buses
  • Find and fix inappropriate clock thresholds
  • Measure data valid windows
  • Identify signal integrity problems related to rise times, fall times, data valid window widths

Identify problem signals over hundreds of channels simultaneously

As timing and voltage margins continue to shrink, confidence in signal integrity becomes an increasingly vital requirement in the design validation process. Eye scan lets you acquire signal integrity information on all the buses in your design, under a wide variety of operating conditions, in a matter of minutes. Identify problem signals quickly for further investigation with an oscilloscope. Results can be viewed for each individual signal or as a composite of multiple signals or buses.

A Built-in Pattern Generator Gives You Digital Stimulus and Response in a Single Instrument

Selected 16800 Series models (16821A, 16822A and 16823A) also include a 48-channel pattern generator to drive down risk early in product development. With a pattern generator you can:

  • Substitute for missing boards, integrated circuits (ICs) or buses instead of waiting for missing pieces
  • Write software to create infrequently encountered test conditions and verify that the code works – before complete hardware is available
  • Generate patterns necessary to put a circuit in a desired state, operate the circuit at full speed or step the circuit through a series of states
  • Create a circuit initialization sequence

Keysight 16800 Series portable logic analyzers with a pattern generator offer a variety of features that make it easier for you to create digital stimulus tests.

Vectors up to 48 bits wide

Vectors are defined as a “row” of labeled data values, with each data value from one to 48 bits wide. Each vector is output on the rising edge of the clock. Create stimulus patterns for the widest buses in your system.

Depth up to 16 M vectors

With the pattern generator, you can load and run up to 16 M vectors of stimulus. Depth on this scale is most useful when coupled with powerful stimulus generated by electronic design automation tools, such as SynaptiCAD’s WaveFormer and VeriLogger. These tools create stimulus using a combination of graphically drawn signals, timing parameters that constrain edges, clock signals, and timing and Boolean equations for describing complex signal behavior. The stimulus also can be created from design simulation waveforms. The SynaptiCAD tools allow you to convert .VCD files into .PGB files directly, offering you an integrated solution that saves you time.


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