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B2200A/BB2200A fA Leakage Switch Mainframe, B2201A 14ch Low Leakage Switch Mainframe

Data Sheets


Basic functions

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. B2200A fA leakage switch mainframe and B2201A 14ch low leakage mainframe functions:

- Switches DC current, DC voltage, capacitance and LCR meters

- Set and monitor connection status on front panel

- Configurated status display with LED matrix display

- Connection setup by light pen

- Controls through GP-IB interface

- Auto ground function

- Self-test, relay function test

- Relay cleaning


Input (B2200A/B2201A)

- IV port: 8 triaxial ports (or 4 Kelvin tri­axial ports) low leakage performance

- AUX port: 6 BNC ports dedicated 2 CV ports

- All input ports can use concurrently

Output (B2210A/B2211A)

12 triaxial ports per switch module. Frame can have 4 modules maximum. (Total 48 ports)


The B2200A and B2201A include a CD-ROM with VXI Plug&Play driver which contains capacitance compensation routine.

Specification condition

Specification and supplemental charac­teristics are defined at 23° C ± 5° C < 60% relative humidity (R.H.)

The supplemental characteristics entries in the following specification are not warranted but they provided useful informa­tion about the functions and performances of the instruments.


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