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Migrate from the 8510 and the 8530 to the PNA Series Network Analyzer

Technical Overviews

The PNA Series of network analyzers has rapidly surpassed the performance and flexibility of the 8510 systems to become the new standard in microwave network analysis. In less than three years, the PNA Series has expanded to cover 20, 40, 50, and 67 GHz and now offers new capabilities for 110 GHz, antenna, materials, and pulsed applications.

This selection guide provides recommendations for the proper PNA Series system and services for your test and measurement requirements.


Engineering Services for 8510/8530 to PNA Series Migration

For current users of the 8510 Series of network analyzers who plan to migrate their applications to realize the innovative performance of the PNA Series, Keysight Technologies, Inc. also offers a spectrum of engineering services that provide training, code conversion, and/or test plan design.

Keysight’s network analyzer experts can save you time and money by working with you to migrate your 8510 instruments and transition your test code quickly and easily.

8510 and 8530 Series Network Analyzer Trade-up Program

Safeguard your financial and engineering investments in your older equipment as you transition to the more advanced PNA Series platform. Trade-up your 8510 or 8530 Series today and take advantage of the performance and flexibility of the PNA Series through this limited time offer. For more information visit:


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