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8767/8/9M Microwave Single-Pole Multi-Throw Switches for Microwave and RF Manufacturing Test Systems

Technical Overviews

Features and description

-Excellent repeatability: <0.03 dB typical

-Low SWR: <2.1 @ 50 GHz (8767M)

-Low insertion loss: <2.6 dB @ 50 GHz (8767M)

-Long life: >5 million cycles

-DC to 50 GHz


-Easy GPIB implementation for ATE applications

-Single-pole, multiple-throwmodels available:

-four-throw (8767M)

-five-throw (8768M)

-six-throw (8769M)

In today’s fast moving technical industries, test engineers need components they can count on. Keysight Technologies, Inc. now offers an extension to its existing single-pole, multiple-throw switch­es that combine its legendary reliability with a higher frequency (50 GHz) capability.

Reduce downtime

Keysight is the world leader in innovating and developing microwave accessories for communications and aerospace applications. Our innovative design and strict adherence to quality process control ensure that each switch is guaranteed to perform within warranted specifications for its entire lifetime. With fewer break­downs and less need to recalibrate, your test platform performs better with less downtime, creating more throughput and revenue.

Raise your standards

All Keysight switches offer excellent repeatability and long life – up to five times the lifecycles of the competition. Along with our aggressive specifications for isolation, SWR, and insertion loss, you have a switch that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding engineer with its precision and durability.

Increase productivity

When you buy your switches from Keysight, you will notice a difference. Your test platforms will run smoother, longer, and faster, while yielding more viable and valuable measurements.


This Keysight family of single-pole, multiple-throw switches utilizes the same technology as the Keysight 8490X family of step attenuators. These products offer the same rugged reliability, excellent repeatability (typically 0.03 dB to 50 GHz), long life (greater than 5 million switching cycles), compactness, and broadband performance as the 8490X family. Each product consists of 3 to 5 solenoid driven switching sections connected in series. The solenoid armatures are held in place with permanent magnets, able to withstand shocks to over 10 Gs.

The sections switch within 20 milliseconds, including contact settling time, which is important for automatic test applications. The switches include self-interrupting contacts which minimize power consumption and simplify the driver circuit design (See figure 1). Each model is available with a range of solenoid voltage options (24, 5 or 15 volts) to match your product or system’s requirements.

Section switching

Figure 1 shows one switching section schematic. Each section utilizes one solenoid with dual coil windings, one coil to switch in the RF connector, and one coil to switch in the thru line.

With a positive voltage applied to the common pin, the state (RF connector or thru line) of a particular section is driven by connecting its RF connector pin to a negative voltage ground. Tables 1 through 3 define the pin assignments for the different switches.

As a section is switched, the internal contacts of the activated coil open, thus shutting off current flow. At the same time, the internal contacts for the other coil close so that it can be activated when desired. Figure 1 shows a section that has been switched to the RF connector position (note the closed thru line coil contact). The switching is “break-before-make” type, thus a momentary interruption of the RF signal occurs at switching.

Although all sections can be switched simultaneously, the attenuator drive must not allow both pins of the same section (e.g., Section 1, pins 5 and 6) to be activated concurrently, or else that section would cycle rapidly. All terminals are “floating,” so bipolar or unipolar power supplies may be used.


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