E5081A ENA-X Vector Network Analyzer

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Characterizing components like power amplifiers or frequency converters is not easy. Requiring beyond just the standard S-parameter measurements, these devices additionally need high sensitivity and high[1]power performance characterization - as well as modulated signal tests such as EVM and ACPR. Juggling a network analyzer, signal analyzer, and switch matrix not only takes up valuable time, but also introduces even more measurement complexity error potential.

The E5081A ENA-X vector network analyzer (VNA) combines all your measurements into a single instrument, enabling system characterization with faster speeds and greater flexibility, at a lower cost. The built-in low noise receivers, and configurable test set combined with modulated signal measurements allows you to characterize high-performance components with a single connection. Easily perform RF measurements with software wizards to guide you through advanced wideband measurements.


These instruments include one year of KeysightCare Assured with the option to upgrade to a 3-5 year service plan. KeysightCare provides priority access to industry-leading technical experts, a comprehensive knowledge center, and committed turnaround times for repair and calibration.


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