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The Value of Keysight Subscriber Metadata in 5G

Solution Briefs

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Keysight is a leading provider of network visibility solutions that enable service providers to optimize their network performance, reliability, and scalability. Keysight's 5G network visibility platform leverages the power of subscriber metadata, which efficiently summarizes and describes additional network data, such as subscriber IDs, location, performance, and supplementary data. Subscriber metadata provides a deeper understanding of network traffic and helps identify issues that may not be apparent from viewing standard packet-based visibility alone. Keysight's 5G network visibility platform offers important capabilities, such as: - MEC metering and revenue share validation: Use subscriber metadata to measure network throughput and latency to cloud service providers for metering and validation in support of billing agreements between hyper scalers and service providers at the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) level. - Optimize user plane probing: Combined with user plane packet correlation, only traffic that matters can be shared with user plane packet monitoring probes, while rest of the traffic information is shared with metadata description to data lake. - KPI correlation: Use subscriber metadata to perform a deeper diagnosis of subscriber problems through the correlation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identify patterns and isolate the root cause. Keysight's 5G network visibility platform is flexible, customizable, scalable, and able to handle large volumes of subscriber metadata. It can integrate with existing probes and tools and acquire control-plane and user-plane data in cloud-native 5G networks. Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges to create the best product experiences. To learn more about Keysight's 5G network visibility platform and other solutions, visit
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