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New Techniques for High-Fidelity Modeling and 5G Simulation

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Innovative new techniques for modeling and simulation (M&S) of 4G and 5G mobile networks can enable effective proficiency training, cyber situational awareness, network analysis, and mission rehearsal exercise support for cyber physical activities. This is important to the community because commercial mobile network environments are evolving and proliferating globally. M&S live, virtual, constructive (LVC) techniques must advance to accurately represent and be interoperable with the new frequencies available with 5G (e.g., mmWave and cmWave) access points (AP), smart buildings and homes, and mobile-tomobile, telematics, and sensor networks. 

For this effort, we used a high-fidelity modeling and simulation platform to model wired and wireless communication networks that include cellular, enterprise, and battlefield networks and detailed propagation models of signal transmission with a comprehensive library of cyber-attack and defense models. This approach provides an interoperable simulation for network elements and physical elements such as trees, houses, cellular towers, people, and weapons systems. The architecture has been instrumented to provide deep operational understanding of new 5G elements and their impact on cyber situational awareness, particularly in contested environments. For 4G LTE networks, the solution enables understanding network chokepoints and analyzes how a network is affected in scenarios where certain elements are perturbated or degraded through kinetic or non-kinetic effects.


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