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Ukraine Power Grid Attack

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Several high-profile cyber attacks have made headlines in the last few years, targeting organizations as varied as movie studios, retail store chains, credit agencies, and public utilities. This demonstrates that no enterprise or organization is immune to cyber attacks. The cost of these attacks has been loss of revenue, damage to business reputation, and disruption of critical services. The attacks include: 


  • WannaCry 2017 ransomware attack: Used Server Message Block (SMB) and NotPetYa
  • CxO fraud (e.g., spearphishing)
  • Sony Pictures: 2014 Server Message Block (SMB) worm
  • Target: RAM scraping
  • Alteryx: Publicly exposed AWS S3 storage cache
  • Equifax: vulnerability of Apache Struts
  • Marriott 


As the above list makes clear, the attacks have included a variety of approaches to infiltrate the target IT system and degrade or deny critical operations and business services.


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