SCADAfence and Keysight: Breach and Attack Simulation for IT-OT Convergence

Solution Briefs

The Challenge:


With an endless number of emerging threats from inside and outside OT networks, the risk of falling victim to a security breach has never been higher. All the different risk factors are combined with the human element that assumes everything has been set up and configured properly to get the best outcomes from each security tool. Organizations tend to respond to their security by throwing more money at the problem — acquiring additional security controls and solutions while increasing management complexity and complicating visibility for teams such as SecOps that are pressed to provide quick results and ROI.


But the real challenge behind organizational cyber security is that critical assets are more exposed than ever especially with the presence of newer, IP-connected devices in OT networks that are vulnerable to Internet attacks. While OT networks were traditionally “air-gapped” from the outside world, there has been a widespread trend to interconnect OT to IT networks, allowing for remote monitoring and management. But security processes have failed to keep pace with this IT-OT convergence. When you are not capable of measuring your OT security, it becomes even more of a challenge to manage and improve it. The result is that you cannot quantify the different risks to your business, the return on your security investment, or understand how to optimize it. But you don’t necessarily need extra tools, you need to validate to ensure that your existing tools are effective.


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