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Keysight’s Autonomous Drive Emulation (ADE) platform is the environment emulator for in-lab testing versus realistic roadway scenarios, from mundane to one-in-a-million. Using total scene generation, the platform exercises ADAS software using time-synchronized inputs to the actual sensors. Its open architecture also closes the loop with your existing HIL systems and 3D modelers. Enabling you to keep pushing ADAS towards Level 5.

Generate total roadway scenes with multi-faceted environment emulation. ADE fills the gap between software simulation and on-the-road testing of ADAS capabilities by performing holistic validation of the actual sensors, ECU software, AI logic, and more. Accelerate the development of new ADAS software features and gain deeper insights into the ADAS software behavior earlier in the development cycle. Develop greater confidence in the validation process by thoroughly validating line-of-sight-based sensors such as radar and cameras and with synchronous testing of communication-based systems (e.g., C-V2X). Cover dangerous situations, risky corner cases and more, in the lab by emulating complex situations with time-synchronized stimulation of the real sensors to be used in vehicles. Find potential issues earlier in the development process, reducing the likelihood of post-release failures. Ultimately test more scenarios, sooner, and achieve greater confidence in required ADAS functionality.

Column Control DTX