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Evaluating Battery Drain N6700 Series Modular Power Supplies

Application Notes

This application note explains how to use the advanced capabilities of the Keysight N6700 Series modular system power supplies with the Keysight BV9200B PathWave BenchVue advanced power control and analysis software to evaluate the performance of a battery quickly and accurately.

The Keysight N6781A and N6785A source/measure units (SMUs) analyze the battery drain of batterypowered devices to help you reduce test time and ensure product performance.

Use the N6781A SMU with a DC output up to 20 W for small portable devices such as smartphones and music players. The N6785A SMU with a DC output up to 80 W is suitable for larger portable devices such as tablets.

You can measure and analyze the short and long-term battery drain using the Keysight N6705C DC power analyzer and any of the N6700 Series SMUs with the BV9200B PathWave BenchVue advanced power control and analysis software. You can use the actual battery instead of a DC source to power battery-powered devices for real-time results.


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