Try Out the KS833A2A Event-Based Power Analysis Software for Free


The enhanced software powering the X8712A IoT Device Battery Life Optimization Solution




The KS833A2A Event-based Power Analysis Software shows the RF power of your IoT device along with voltage and current measurements and maps this data to the current consumption in a single graph.


Its capabilities include:


• Automated correlation between RF or DC signals to power consumption in a single display

• Three types of waveform capture modes; single, triggered and continuous

• Individual event’s post data analysis 

o Current consumption in percentage

o Occupied time in percentage

• Battery life estimation

• CCDF statistical analysis

• User defined measurement duration time (for continuous mode only)

• Save and recall settings which includes instrument settings 

• Export data points from UI and measurement results in .csv format


You can try out the KS833A2A event-based power analysis software free of charge for  30 days using a trial license and the readily available offline data files which come with the software package. The data is from an IoT sensor device. There are two data files; one from single mode and another simulates a 10-minute data scenario.


Using this pre-loaded data file, you can perform post measurement analysis without the X8712A hardware, where you can further analyze the current consumption by selecting a particular section you are interested in, make changes in battery capacity to see how it impacts battery life, and more!


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