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Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (10G/40G/100G NRZ)

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The web page context is a PDF document that describes the Keysight Electrical TX Test Software for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (10G/40G/100G NRZ) for N1000A/86100D DCA-X and N109X DCA-M Oscilloscopes. The software is designed to save time and money by automating the task of performing NRZ transmitter (TX) test measurements according to the IEEE 802.3 standards. The software covers 12 clauses and more than 400 parameters for different data rates and interfaces. The software also provides concise compliance reports, device performance in one view, and features to streamline development such as test adapters, de-skew, and automation. The web page context also presents three hardware solutions that can be used with the software: Solution 1: Keysight N1000A/86100D DCA-X mainframe + N1060A/86108B “MegaModule” (recommended) Solution 2: Keysight N1000A/86100D DCA-X mainframe with DCA module + external clock recovery Solution 3: Keysight N109X electrical DCA-M + external clock recovery For each solution, the web page context provides the model numbers, options, accessories, and equipment configurations. The web page context also compares the advantages and disadvantages of each solution in terms of accuracy, flexibility, cost, and scalability. The web page context also provides the ordering information for each of the four software products: N1091APCA Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3ap/bj (10G-KR and 40G-KR4) N1091BMCA Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3bm (XLAUI, CAUI-4, CAUI-10, and nPPI) N1091BACA Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3ba (40G-CR4 and 100G-CR10) N1091BJCA Electrical TX Test SW for IEEE 802.3bj (100G-KR4 and 100G-CR4) The web page context explains the different license types and terms that are available for each software product, as well as the KeysightCare Software Support Subscription that is included with each license. The web page context also specifies the required software options that are needed to run the software on the platform. The web page context can be accessed at or or or depending on the software product of interest.
Column Control DTX