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Next-generation ADAS systems require camera and radar systems with increasingly high resolution. That means new requirements for speed and bandwidth. Automotive Ethernet enables faster data communication to meet the demands of today’s vehicles and the connected vehicles of the future.

Unlike CAN, LIN or MOST, the IEEE standard for Automotive Ethernet demands rigorous compliance verification using test cases that cover transmitters (Tx), receivers (Rx) and harness/connector assemblies. The requirements include complex measurements that, until recently, have been uncommon in the auto industry: vector network analysis with S-parameters; and bit error rate (BER) testing and protocol analysis of high-speed digital signals.

To help you save time and effort, Keysight offers solutions that automate the testing and validation of Automotive Ethernet designs. Our engineers have invested countless hours in learning the standards and creating automated compliance tests. These proven applications help ensure proper test configuration and valid, repeatable measurement results. The net result: you’ll have greater confidence that your device is compliant with the IEEE standard, a faster development cycle, repeatability of testing and less human error.

Validating Receiver Compliance

The AE6900R automotive Ethernet Rx test solution provides an easy and accurate way to verify and debug Automotive Ethernet modules that use IEEE 100/1000BASE-T1. The heart of the solution is the software, the AE6910R that lets you automatically or semi-automatically execute Ethernet physical-layer (PHY) electrical tests for receiver compliance. With capabilities that span test configuration, instrument setup, results calculations and report generation, the AE6910R software will save you hours of time.

To meet signal-quality requirements, your design must pass conformance testing. When testing and validating the receiver components of your automotive Ethernet module or switch, the software provides three overall automatic tests: bit error rate verification, alien crosstalk noise rejection, and indicated signal qualify for the channel.

The AE6910R displays the results in an HTML or .XLS format. In addition to the measurement data, the report includes pass/fail limits for each test.

Using the Keysight AE6910R Rx Compliance Application Software greatly simplifies 1G Automotive Ethernet receiver compliance testing.

The software is available as part of the overall solution AE6900R. The software comes as a nodelocked perpetual license, including 12-months of support and has an additional software support and maintenance available once the original maintenance period has ended.

The software runs on a standard windows PC and controls the hardware through appropriate interfaces such as LAN. The test setup includes an 81160A, a test fixture and ‘golden DUT’ as described on the following page of the test setup. The software comes as part of the overall solution AE6900R.

Outlining the Receiver Specifications

The AE6910R Automotive Ethernet Rx Compliance Test Software implements the following tests:

• Indicated Signal Quality for Channel with Decreasing Quality

• Indicated Signal Quality for Channel with Increasing Quality

• Alien Crosstalk Idle Pattern Rejection

• Alien Crosstalk Noise Rejection

• Bit Error Rate Verification

• Receiver Frequency Tolerance to ± 100 ppm Deviation

For reference, these tests are mapped into the following IEEE and OA test cases.

• IEEE Std 802.3bp (Amendment 4) – Jun 2016

• IEEE Std 802.3bw – Oct 2016

• Open Alliance TC12 1000BASE-T1 Interoperability Test Suite v1.3 May 29, 2019

• Open Alliance TC12 1000BASE-T1 PMA Test Suite v0.91 March 25, 2020

• Open Alliance TC1 100BASE-T1 Interoperability Test Suite Oct 18, 2017

• Open Alliance TC1 100BASE-T1 PMA Test Suite June 6, 2017


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