Keysight Introduces Leading Benchmarking Solution to Fast-Track Deployment of Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

  • Emulate hundreds of artificial intelligence accelerators
  • Gain deeper insights into network performance, increased scalability, and faster time to market, at a lower cost than off-the-shelf solutions
  • Reproduce realistic network behavior of artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads with measurable fidelity

SANTA ROSA, Calif. February 28, 2024 

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) has entered the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) infrastructure ecosystem with the introduction of the Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform, designed to accelerate innovation in AI / ML network validation and optimization. The solution significantly improves benchmarking of new AI infrastructures with unprecedented scale and efficiency. 

The deployment and use of AI is growing rapidly across all industrial segments, and the race to train and deliver new AI models quickly and efficiently is a top priority for corporations. AI / ML workloads process vast amounts of data which requires high networking bandwidth and computing performance to reduce training time. However, the cost to design and validate large-scale "what-if" scenario assessments is prohibitive even for the largest AI operators.  

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The Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform gives network engineers a choice for emulating AI workloads with measurable fidelity, using Keysight hardware load appliances or software endpoints on real AI accelerators to compare benchmarking results. 

To overcome this challenge and accelerate the design and testing of AI / ML infrastructure, the Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform delivers highly tunable AI workload emulation, pre-packaged benchmarking apps, and dataset analysis tools to significantly improve performance of the AI / ML cluster network fabric.  

To accelerate AI / ML network design, Keysight's solution for data centers:

  • Emulates high-scale AI workloads with measurable fidelity – Offers deep insights into collective communication performance
  • Simplifies the benchmarking process – Provides validation of AI network fabric with
    pre-packaged benchmark applications, built through partnerships with the largest AI operators and AI infrastructure vendors
  • Executes defined AI / ML behavioral models – Enables sharing between users and customers to help reproduce experiments
  • Offers a choice of test engines – Choose between AI workload emulation on Keysight hardware load appliances and software endpoints or real AI accelerators to compare benchmarking results

The Keysight platform enables large scale validation and experimentation with fabric design in a realistic and cost-effective way. This solution complements testing AI / ML workloads using GPUs, providing AI operators with a more scalable, robust, and integrated AI test platform.  

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The Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform accelerates innovation in AI network fabric validation and optimization. The platform significantly improves benchmarking of new AI infrastructures with unprecedented scale and efficiency using multiple AI test engines. 

Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst, 650 Group, said: "800GE is a critical driver for AI / ML growth with the technology poised to have the fastest ramp of any data center port speed in history. AI / ML bandwidth growth will grow at over 100% per year through the end of the decade, and 800GE will play a key role in that growth. The Keysight solution is at the forefront of testing AI / ML infrastructure with many deployments set to reach production in the next 18 months."  

Martin Hull, Vice President, Cloud and Platforms at Arista Networks said: "It's been proven that a high-speed Ethernet network delivers the economical scale and performance needed to reduce job completion time for processing AI / ML workloads while adhering to open standards. Keysight's AI Test Platform is a valuable tool to validate Arista's technological leadership in AI network design."

Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager, Network Test & Security Solutions, Keysight, said: "As a leader in testing ultra-high-speed 800G Ethernet networks, Keysight continues to lead the way in innovation, having formed close partnerships with hyperscalers to co-design this groundbreaking new AI test platform that realistically benchmarks and emulates high-scale AI workloads unlike other test tools available today."


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