Keysight and Raditeq Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Improved EMC Testing 

With the rapid adoption of automotive electronics, validating the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of system components has become a crucial step in ensuring they interoperate properly for the safety and functionality of vehicles. Auto makers need intensive EMC testing to make sure unintentional electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) remain within specified limits and that electronic components are immune to interference from external electromagnetic sources. This is a complex task that requires smart and efficient EMC testing as well as holistic management of EMC lab operations. 

Recognizing these challenges, Keysight and Raditeq B.V. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to combine the efforts in the EMC test management. The partners have agreed to create a combined software solution enabling auto makers to simplify and accelerate EMC testing processes in the laboratory. Under the terms of the MoU, the two companies will integrate RadiMation® Pro EMC, a test control and execution software, into PathWave Lab Operations for EMC Test, a lab management platform that holistically manages EMC testing projects. This combined software solution enables an optimization and acceleration of the whole lab workflow: from complete and automated equipment under test (EUT) testing to the efficient management of administrative tasks such as automated scheduling and test report generation. 

Keysight and Raditeq Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Improved EMC Testing

Raditeq’s Rene Dijkstra and Keysight’s Sven Kopacz with signed MoU. 

"The cooperation with Keysight Technologies underlines the strategy of Raditeq to supply an EMC test package that is open to all EMC hardware, EMC standards and laboratory software," said John de Rooij, RadiMation Project Manager, Raditeq. "The combination of RadiMation and PathWave Lab Operations offers our customers an integrated and powerful solution for EMC testing."

The combined software solution includes:

  • RadiMation® Pro EMC test and measurement software makes fully compliant, automated EMC testing a reality. It supports all common EMC test standards in one single software package and even enables the user to define customer specific tests.
  • PathWave Lab Operations for EMC Test complements RadiMation® Pro and supports a holistic lab workflow from the customer request to the final test report. This lab management software accelerates the EMC test lab operations by modernizing workflows, optimizing test scheduling, and automating report generation.  

"We are pleased to combine our efforts with Raditeq B.V and their EMC test experts to optimize the EMC testing experience for our customers based on the complementary capabilities of our two software solutions", said Sven Kopacz, Autonomous Vehicle Section Manager, Automotive and Energy Solutions, Keysight Technologies. "With this collaboration we allow our customers to simplify the complex test execution and enable a holistic lab management while shorten time-to-market through acceleration of the whole process."

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Commemorating the agreement to combine solutions enabling the simplification and acceleration of EMC testing. From left: Edwin vom Hofe (Raditeq), Rene Dijkstra (Raditeq), Sven Kopacz (Keysight), Patrick Dijkstra (Raditeq), Sophie Gerken (Keysight), John de Rooij (Raditeq), and Peter Mosshammer (Keysight).