Keysight Joins the Car Connectivity Consortium to Support Automotive Innovation 

As the automotive landscape embraces advancements in connectivity, aiming to redefine keyless entry experiences is crucial. With this in mind, Keysight has joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), in a move to continue to drive innovation and propel the evolution of keyless entry solutions. The collaboration underpins Keysight's continued commitment to remain at the forefront and shape the future of secure and efficient vehicle access. 

The CCC introduced Digital Key Release 3 v1.1 as part of its commitment to advancing the seamless integration of mobile devices for secure keyless entry and vehicle access. This standardized technology leverages the power of Ultra-wideband (UWB) in conjunction with Bluetooth® Low Energy, facilitating contactless, location-aware, and secure communication between smartphones and vehicles. Keysight's technology is perfectly matched to support this innovation with its design verification and production testing of wireless products.

"Keysight is committed to fostering the UWB ecosystem. Through our close collaboration with leading Radio Frequency (RF) chipsets, module makers, and device manufacturers, we are eager to contribute to the growth of UWB technology within the automotive industry," said Thomas Goetzl, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive and Energy at Keysight. "Our commitment to joining the CCC marks an exciting milestone on that journey, as we continue to drive innovation and create the future of automotive experiences."

Working together to shape the future of vehicle access
Secure, convenience, and privacy stand as the cornerstones of successful Ultra-wideband adoption in the automotive industry. In order to achieve this, device calibration and validation play a critical role in ensuring interoperability, from the research and development stage through to production.

As part of the collaboration, Keysight will be offering a comprehensive suite of turnkey automated test solutions tailored for Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth® Low Energy technologies to members of the CCC.

This includes:

  • Keysight's VXT PXI Vector Transceiver – offers full coverage making it the ideal choice for developing and characterizing components and devices for 5G NR, Wi-Fi, and many other applications.
  • PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications – the industry's broadest offering of measurement applications for benchtop and modular signal analyzers. Providing fast, one-button RF conformance measurements to help design, evaluate, and manufacture transmitters.
  • PathWave Signal Generation – enables signal creation that meets the latest standards with seamless validation and testing.