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34970A/72A VISA Com and C# Measurement Example Program

This program sets the 34970A/72A for a simple scan that makes both DCV and type J thermocouple temperature measurements. The program also checks the instrument and module identification to make sure there is communication between the 34970A/72A and the computer, and the correct module is installed. The returned data is entered into a list box.

If a 34972 is detected, this program will enable logging to the USB memory. If USB memory is present, data will be logged both to internal memory and the USB memory.

This program uses the Agilent VISACom COM objects to program the instrument. To use the IO object in another C# project, set the reference to add the appropriate library in the Project/Add References menu, and using the COM tab:

VISA COM 3.0 Type Library

NOTE -- Possible build errors with revised IO Libraries: If the build gives an error similar to this:

The type or namespace name 'Ivi' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

You may need to do the same Add Reference as above, except after selecting COM, then select Browse and locate the

C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\VISA\VisaCom\Primary Interop Assemblies\Ivi.Visa.Interop.dll

The program was developed in Microsoft® C# (C Sharp) .NET 2005

Date: April 27, 2005

Revised: January 2010


Language: Microsoft® C# (C Sharp)

Operating System: Windows® NT® 4.0, 2000 Professional, XP, Vista

VISA COM Version: Use Agilent I/O Library Suite 14.0 or above

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