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SystemVue Product Structure & Options Summary

SystemVue can be purchased as the W1461 SystemVue Core environment plus a series of individual modules, or in any of the convenient bundles listed below.

SystemVue Bundles

Model1 / Description
W1461 SystemVue Comms Architect
Dramatically cuts design time and verification effort for System Architects, Algorithm Developers, and Hardware Designers who create or implement communications systems at the physical layer (PHY).
W1462 SystemVue FPGA Architect
Adds fixed-point hardware-true simulation models and a VHDL/Verilog hardware implementation path to the SystemVue environment. Rapid-prototyping and verification of hardware effects at the system level help architects get working PHY's on the air faster than ever before.
W1464 SystemVue RF Architect
Adds a spectral domain RF block simulator and a frequency planning tool to account for RF/Analog effects that other simulators ignore. Design and troubleshoot RF-True systems with confidence in minutes, not days.
W1467 SystemVue Array Architect
Adds a phased array / beamforming personality on top of the W1464, allowing system architects in 5G, Radar, and Satellite communications to incorporate Analog/RF, Digital, and Hybrid Beamforming performance into their overall system designs.
W1465 SystemVue System Architect
Powerful multi-domain toolset that unites both signal processing and RF hardware into a single creative ESL workflow. Superior ease of use, partitioning, and verification allow challenging, high-performance communications PHYs to go from concept to working hardware in record time, with greater performance and confidence.
W1468 SystemVue Spectrasys Bundle6
Adds Spectrasys to the SystemVue environment.
W1484 SystemVue RF Toolbox for MATLAB Bundle
Includes SystemVue engine with dataflow and RF_Link. Does not include SpectraSys or SystemVue GUI.

SystemVue Configuration

Model1 / Module W1461
Comms Architect
FPGA Architect
RF Architect
Array Architect
System Architect
Spectrasys Bundle
RF Toolbox
W1461 SystemVue Communications Architect (core environment)              
Schematic Environment, MATLAB Script, Dataflow simulator, C++ ModelBuilder, Digital Filter, Instrument links
Optional SystemVue Libraries and Application Personalities              
  Design Kits and Application Personalities              
  W1711EP SystemVue Engine            
  W1712EP Distributed Computing 8-pack2              
PDF 672 kB W1713EP AMI SerDes Model Library
(a subset of W1714)
PDF 672 kB W1714EP AMI Model Generator3              
PDF 1.58 MB W1715EP MIMO Channel Builder              
PDF 2.13 MB W1716EP Digital Pre-Distortion Builder              
PDF 483 kB W1717EP Hardware Design Kit4          
  W1718EP C++ Code Generator            
PDF 539 kB W1719EP RF System Design Kit      
PDF 3.39 MB W1720EP Phased Array Beamforming Kit5            
  W1724EP STK Interface for SystemVue Element              
  W1725EP Ray Tracing Design Kit for SystemVue Element              
PDF 1.54 MB W1902EP Digital Modem Library              
  W1903EP Fixed-point Library
(now included with W1717)
  W1904EP Adaptive EQ Library            
PDF 282 kB W1905EP Radar Model Library              
PDF 3.58 MB W1908EP Automotive Radar Library              
  Baseband & Exploration Reference Libraries              
PDF 761 kB W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library              
PDF 1.65 MB W1906EP 5G Baseband Verification Library              
  W1907BP 5G Forward Baseband Verification Bundle              
PDF 884 kB W1910EP LTE Baseband Verification Library              
PDF 995 kB W1911EP WiMAX Baseband Verification Library              
  W1912BEL Baseband Exploration Library              
  W1914EP DVB-x2 Baseband Verification Library              
  W1915EP mmWave WPAN Baseband Verification Library              
PDF 2.18 MB W1916EP 3G Baseband Verification Library              
PDF 902 kB W1917EP WLAN Baseband Verification Library              
PDF 2.47 MB W1918EP LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library              
PDF 505 kB W1919EP GNSS Baseband Verification Library              
  1. The model numbers above reflect perpetual nodelocked licenses (BP, EP suffix). Time-based (BT, ET suffix) and Floating license configurations are also available. Contact your local Keysight EDA representative for configurations and pricing.
  2. The W1712 Distributed Computing 8-pack is "Floating license only".
  3. The W1714 AMI Model Generator requires the W1718 C++ Code Generator, and includes the W1713 SerDes Model Library.
  4. The W1717 Hardware Design Kit now includes the W1903 Fixed-Point Library.
  5. The W1905 Radar library, W1906 5G library, W1907 5G Forward bundle, and the W1467 Array Architect bundle all include the W1720 Phased Array Beamforming Kit. Also, the W1720 does not require the W1719 RF System Design Kit, but the W1719 is highly recommended.
  6. W1468 includes the SystemVue schematic environment, but not the Dataflow simulator.

For more information, please visit the SystemVue Configuration and Ordering Guide.