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34951A IVI and VCNET 2005 User Generated Trace Example

This program is an example program that can be used to generate a standard waveform
trace or user defined trace on the 34951A module. The user can select/enter all the
appropriate parameters and generate a waveform. The parameters are: clock source,
trigger, frequency, points, number of times for a trace output, slot and channel
number, and voltage and offset levels.

The program requires the 34951A module.

This program uses the Agilent 34980A IVI COM objects and 34951A COM objects
to program the instrument.

The program was developed in Microsoft® Visual C++ .NET 2005 as a WIN32 project.

Date: May 1, 2006
Language: Microsoft(r) Visual C++ .NET 2005
Operating System: Windows(r) NT 4.0, 2000 Professional, XP
Library: Agilent34980A.Interop
   IviDmm 3.0 Type Library
   IviDriver 1.0 Type Library
   IviSwtch 3.0 Type Library
   Agilent IO Library Suite 14.0 or above
IVI Driver version:

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