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34410A/34411A: Hardware Scanning Readme

This programming example illustrates 2- and 4-wire scanning using the Agilent 34410A/34411A DMM
with the Agilent 34980A Switch/Measure Unit. This is called hardware scanning, where the switch
(34980A) sets up a channel list with the first channel closure causing a pulse on the 34980A's
Channel Closed output. This triggers the 34410A/34411A. Once the DMM is finished with its
measurement, it pulses its Voltmeter Complete BNC output which is connected to the Channel Advance
of the 34980A. This causes the previous channel to open and the next channel in the list to close.
Another pulse is generated to trigger the DMM, and the process continues until all channels in the
list have been scanned.


Agilent 34980 Switch/Measure Unit:
· Channel Closed output connected to External Trigger of 34410A/11A DMM.
· Agilent 34980A Analog Buses 1 and 2 connected to 34410A/11A input terminals, "Input" and
"Sense" respectively.
· Various resistance values connected to channels 3001:3010 of 34921A 40 Channel Arm MUX.

Agilent 34410A/11A Digital Multimeter:
· Voltmeter complete of DMM connected to 34980A Advance Channel Input.

Readings are retrieved in ASCII and binary.

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