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Direct I/O: Download a Predefine Signal into the 33220A/33250A Read Me

This sample program downloads a predefine signal into the 33220A/33250A and outputs it.

Date: April 2005

Version: 1.0

Language: Agilent VEE Pro 7.5 (or later)

Instruments: Function Generator

OS Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP

Additional Software: Agilent IO Libraries 14.0 (or later)


This sample program downloads a predefine signal into the 33220A/33250A and to output it.

You can modify parameters like the number of points, the time span or the signal and noise amplitudes.

Note that keeping a low number of points is better for the demonstration (NumPoints<1940).

A display have been added to allow you to visualize the signal sent, but the best is to connect the 33220A/33250A output to an oscilloscope.


If you have installed VEE, you can open the sample program by double-clicking on it or by using VEE's File > Open or File > Open Example menu items. To utilize VEE's Instrument Manager's "Load Sample" capabilities with the sample program, copy the sample program and the .xml file (with the same name as the VEE sample program) into the following directory: 


<VEE Pro home directory>\examples\InstrumentIO\InstrManagerIntegrated


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