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Agilent E440xB, E4411B, E444xA, E740xA PSA and ESA E/L/EMC-series Spectrum Analyzers IntuiLink Read Me

Agilent IntuiLink PSA/ESA
Software for Agilent PSA and ESA E/L/EMC-series Spectrum Analyzers
Version 2.4

Main Features
Agilent IntuiLink PSA/ESA offers the following capabilities:

- Capture PSA/ESA Spectrum Analyzer trace data and screen images in
Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft Word with a mouse click.

- Save and restore spectrum analyzer settings.

- Get a repetitive sequence of data trace transfers by date/time.

Supported Instruments
Model E4401B
Model E4402B
Model E4403B
Model E4404B
Model E4405B
Model E4407B
Model E4408B
Model E4411B
Model E7401A
Model E7402A
Model E7403A
Model E7404A
Model E7405A
Model E4440A
Model E4443A
Model E4445A
Model E4446A
Model E4448A

Supported Operating Systems
MS Windows® 95
MS Windows 98
MS Windows 2000
MS Windows NT® 4.0, Service Pack 4

Special Installation Note
If you are running Microsoft Office 97 (all Windows platforms):

You must have Office Service Release 2b installed (this means you must
sequentially install SR-1 followed by SR-2b). The service pack can be
obtained at the following URL:

You can verify you have the right version by clicking on the Help->About
menu item in Excel. The dialog box should say "Microsoft Excel 97 SR-2()".

If you are running Windows NT, you must be running version 4.0 with a minimum
of Service Pack 4. Service Pack 6a can be obtained at the following URL:

Installing a service pack update can cause National Instruments card
configuration to be removed. You may have to reconfigure your NI GPIB card
once the service pack installation is finished.

If you are running Windows 2000 and have an HP (now Agilent) 82350 GPIB card
you must obtain a version of the IO Libraries that is NEWER than version
H.01.02. You can obtain updated updated IO Libraries at the following URL:

Complimentary Start-Up Assistance
Agilent will provide Start-Up Assistance at no charge to resolve questions
relating to the installation, operation, and use of this software product.
Start-Up Assistance is available to help you install the software on your PC,
establish communication with a compatible instrument, and answer questions
relating to the functionality of the software components provided by Agilent.
Start-Up Assistance does not support requests to modify or enhance the
functionality of the software. For services not covered by Start-Up Assistance,
you may be referred to fee-based services for advanced assistance.

Agilent will make reasonable efforts to respond to each customer request for
Start-Up Assistance within two working days, but is under no obligation to
respond within a prescribed time frame. Requests for Start-Up Assistance are
handled in the order in which they were received. Agilent will make
reasonable efforts to solve customer problems, but cannot guarantee success.

Agilent reserves the right to terminate Start-Up Assistance at any time
without notice.

Agilent IntuiLink On-Line Help System
The help files are also available in Adobe® Acrobat® format (.PDF)
in the \PDF_help directory on the Agilent IntuiLink CD-ROM.
Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for viewing the .PDF files
contained in the \PDF_help directory.

Troubleshooting Tips and Technical Support Information
For troubleshooting tips and technical support information, first refer to the
Agilent IntuiLink PSA/ESA on-line help system or the FAQ.html file provided
in the installation directory.

For further information visit or in the USA, please
call our Test & Measurement Contact Center at 1-800-452-4844.

Microsoft, Windows, MS Windows, Windows NT are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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