Agilent Technologies

Field Testing Just Got Easier

Introducing two exciting new models to the Agilent family of handheld spectrum analyzers (HSAs):

  • N9344C HSA, 1 MHz to 20 GHz (tunable to 9 kHz)
  • N9343C HSA, 1 MHz to 13.6 GHz (tunable to 9 kHz)

The two new models expand the Agilent HSA portfolio and offer great benefits to help you:

  • Get the features you need in a field-ready instrument
  • Gain confidence in your measurements with benchtop performance in a handheld instrument
  • Reduce test setup times by up to 95% with the Task Planner application. This innovative tool delivers test automation and consistency, and makes it easy for you to capture results, generate reports, and share task plans with others!