NOTE: As of this release, HP-UX is no longer supported. However, the HP-UX drivers for version B.00.00 are included with the B.01.01 installation disk to use at your discretion. It is left up to the programmer to avoid calling local bus functionality on C models. Release Notes file for the HP-UX version of the Agilent Technologies E1439 C Programming Libraries --------------------------------------------------- Revision B.00.00 An Important Note About This Driver ----------------------------------- This driver provides only the C-language portions of the VXIplug&play HP-UX Framework. Included are the C programming library, C program examples, and complete online product documentation. The C programming library is fully VXIplug&play compliant and will work with any standard VISA I/O Library. Installation for HP-UX 10.20+ ----------------------------- The E1439B.depot file is in SD-UX format and is installed using the swinstall utility. To install the driver from a CD-ROM mounted at /cd, logon to the workstation as root and type the following command: %swinstall -s /cd/hpux/e1439.depot E1439B_VISA Note, if you are upgrading from an earlier revision of the driver, you may first have to remove the existing driver by typing: %swremove E1439B_VISA You may also install this driver interactively. As root execute the swinstall utility as follows: % swinstall Once swinstall has started you will be presented with an interactive menu. In this menu, set Source Type to "Network Directory/CDROM" and check that the Source Host Name shown is correct. Set the Source Depot Path to "/cd/hpux/e1439.depot" (Assuming your CD-ROM is mounted at /cd). Make sure the Software Filter is set to "None" and click "OK". After a few seconds you will be able to view the available software packages in the depot file. Select the "E1439B_VISA" software package with your mouse, click open the "Action" menu and select "Install" to begin the installation. What's New in Revision B.00.00 ------------------------------ The B.00.00 VXIplug&play driver supports hardware changes to the E1439A and E1439B: Programmatically selectable front panel TTL trigger on all E1439B's and E1439A's with a serial number higher than US41140000. The E1439B provides a fiber optic interface that can transmit continuous full bandwidth data from the internal A/D converter. In addition, it can stream data from multiple synchronized modules operating at lower bandwidths onto a single fiber optic channel. An optical receiver can then simultaneously analyze data collected at different frequencies and bandwidths. The fiber optic interface, available on the Agilent E1439B, provides a selectable data rate of 106 or 250 Mbytes/second. It can transmit filtered or unfiltered data, copy data from its receiver to its transmitter, or append data to copied data. The E1439B fiber optic interface uses a serial data stream protocol providing high data throughput and low latency characteristics. This protocol is intended to be compatible with the Serial Front Panel Data Port Draft Standard (VITA 17.1, draft 0.5 dated February 26, 2001) currently under development by the VITA Standards Organization ( VITA 17.1 is not yet approved and manufacturers are not yet permitted to claim conformance to the draft standard. However, laboratory testing at Agilent Technologies has demonstrated interoperability of the E1439B with fiber optic products from other manufacturers that also intend to support the draft standard. These products include Systran Simplex Link Protocol products, such as the SL100 and SL240, and Mercury Computer products, such as the RINOJ-F RACEway I/O daughter card. Compatibility with Previous Revisions ------------------------------------- Please Note: The term "firmware" refers to the embedded binary program image stored in E1439 non-volatile memory. E1439 firmware updates are provided by Agilent Technologies for use by Agilent E1439 customers only. E1439 firmware updates are copyright and patent-protected by Agilent Technologies. The B.00.00 VXIplug&play driver supports both E1439A and E1439B modules with A.01.00 or B.00.00 firmware. The A.00.00 driver can run modules with B.00.00 firmware, except TTL trigger and fiber interface are not available. Once you have upgraded to the B.00.00 VXIplug&play driver, it is not necessary to recompile software programs previously compiled with earlier VXIplug&play drivers, unless you wish to use the front panel TTL trigger or fiber optic interface. The fiber interface is only available on E1439B modules. The TTL trigger feature is available on all E1439B modules and on E1439A modules using B.00.00 firmware and having a serial number of US41140000 or above. Due to minute timing differences, multiple-module measurements require all E1439 modules to use the same firmware revision in order to meet published specifications. Upgrading the Firmware in your E1439 ------------------------------------ You can determine the current version number of your firmware by executing the "C" example program, "info". The current version number of your firmware is also reported by the API function age1438_revision query(). A module with a firmware revision of B.00.00 will report a firmware revision of date of "04-13-2001, 10:47". Use the included "fwinstall" program to install B.00.00 firmware in your E1438 module. Please refer to instructions in the product manual for details. Installed Files and Directories ------------------------------- All files are located in subdirectories under /opt/vxipnp. They are summarized as follows: /opt/vxipnp/ # VXIplug&play root hpux/ # Location of HPUX files include/ # Include files lib/ # Archive libraries bin/ # Shared libraries age1439/ # Product-specific files AGE1439_Help.htm # Online HTML help AGDSP_Help.htm # Online HTML help E1439_Technical_Specifications.pdf # Product specs E1439_Users_Guide.pdf # Product manual README # This file c/ # C source for library demo/ # Example programs fwinstall/ # Firmware installer+ Firmware images help/ # HTML help files hpe1485/ # E1485A SPOS library Documentation ------------- To view the E1439A or DSP library online help, use your web browser to open AGE1439_Help.htm or AGDSP_Help.htm. E1439_Users_Guide.pdf or E1439_Technical_Specifications.pdf are in Portable Data Format and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat. Example Programs ---------------- To run the E1439A example programs: % cd /opt/vxipnp/hpux/age1439/c/demo Then execute any of the following programs in the directory: acvolts -- a simple practical program using the E1439 to make RMS voltage measurements. bench -- a performance benchmark program to characterize data transfer rates and command processing times in your system. info -- shows how to retrieve option and revision information from an E1439, and it doubles as a handy utility. interrupt -- shows how to set up and trap a VXI interrupt generated by an error condition in the E1439. These example programs have usage information that can be viewed by invoking the "-u" option. For example: % ./acvolts -u To modify and compile an example program, do the following: % cd $HOME # To go to $HOME directory % mkdir e1439 # To make a local development directory % cd e1439 % cp /opt/vxipnp/hpux/age1439/c/demo/* . # To copy source files % chmod +w * # Make the files writable % make clean # Remove original executables Now you can modify demo source files with the editor of your choice and compile by typing: % make # This will produce new demo executables Revision History ---------------- A.00.00 Initial revision B.00.00 VXIplug&play driver, instrument firmware and hardware upgrade