HFSLIF7WS_FILE P5 4@L14RR4*RO20z@ $ ^$0:0VV5>0` &l p `x  0)l0"z0"П0#,  H0%Z? b  "Ԁ"0*!R,02r^09z:J 0*jBH:T0'?t! | p0Y|0!d>h΀`9z0)0XD(<0' _ @ ,.45>DP 0(L$08_bv0\.n&@$1fr^9|~@ 7R0+V@ : @ <N@ =0&4 nF @ @ 0@ 0@ DT`@ E @ F@ G 0- @ &nder_prefix Prefix$AaSuffax Good_mgdel$ EPrefix Enter_prefixPrefix$ISuffix Good_model$ Enter_suffix Min_ser_numMain Enter_modelQ$Model$Option$Serial$Load_id Load_serial Verify_loadMdl$Opt$ Load_errorId$Ser$Suffix$Temp Enter_serialWeekFoundData$ Check_cntrCntrLeave Enter_options First_year Max_weeks Option_mix Create_cntr Good_option$ Max_ser_num Verify_dataPrt_gd_options@Path_1 Mdls_per_line Opts_per_lineReenter_prefix Prt_gd_models Get_models Get_options First_prefixReenter_suffix Num_models Num_options Over_three Usage_failQuit Ask_again Load_fail Try_againHalt Intro_screensHX M RE-STORE "/srmux/USERS/TORR/PORT/RETROFIT_SW/A2_FW/REV_B0000/FW_UPGRADE:HFS"@JX> ******************** PROGRAM FW_UPGRADE *********************@JJ> *************************************************************@JJ(> * Program to load the SERIAL NUMBER and ID of an HP 8560 *@JJ2> * E-Series portable spectrum analyzer. This version for use *@JJ<> * only with the A2 Controller Assembly Replacement Kit and *@JJF> * Firmware Upgrade Kit. *@JJP> * *@JJZ> * This is a scaled-down, secured version of LD_SERID. It *@JJd> * can be used a maximum of three times. If a successful *@JJn> * download is not possible in three attempts, the analyzer *@JJx> * must be sent to an HP Customer Service Center. *@JJ> *************************************************************@JJ> ** REV A.00.00 BDT 930327 **@JJ> *************************************************************@JJ> ** REV B.00.00 BDT 960521 **@JJ> ** Added 8562E/64E/65E and a few options to DATA tables **@JJ> *************************************************************H JHJ ȶ> ********** Following Revisions apply to LD_SERID ************HJJҶ> ** REV A.00.00 BDT 870814 **HJJܶ> ** REV B.00.00 BDT 890302 **HJJ涎> ** REV C.00.00 BDT 891115 **HJJ> ** REV C.00.01 GPB 911231 **HJJ> ** REV D.00.00 BDT 921116 **HJJ> *************************************************************HJJ> ** REV B.00.00 added the 8561A and 8560A as model number **HJJ> ** choices and Option 002 as an option choice. Also, serial**HJJ"> ** number range restrictions were removed. **HJJ,> *************************************************************HJJ6> ** REV C.00.00 changed entire structure of program for **HJJ@> ** easier addition of model numbers and options. More **HJJJ> ** rigorous checks of user-input data were also added. **HJJT> *************************************************************HJJ^> ** REV C.00.01 corrected a problem in the Get_options **HJJh> ** routine which caused a string error when adding options **HJJr> ** to HP8563A. (Discovered by Harry Peterson) **HJJ|> *************************************************************HJJ> ** REV D.00.00 added support for the 8560 E-Series analy- **HJJ> ** zers, including Option 005, 006, 007, and 008. **HJJ> *************************************************************HJD H!DH @PH¼ @PH̼@PHּ"@PH@PH@PH @PH@PH@PH @PH.? Data loading error flag; 0 = OKH6.&9) Flag to denote if program used > 3 timesH&60-A  First serial prefixH:&:!\) First year of HP 8560 E-Series shipmentsH,:D!4 Number of weeks in a yearH0,N1e Minimum serial number allowedH>0X&P@i& Maximum 5-digit serial number allowedH:>b(, Number of model numbers to display per lineH::l%- Number of option numbers to display per lineH :vH   H HH  H 9CAH H H $H H H H <.CH?>AH   C H  H *H* 42 Program TerminatedH *>H HH* R Subroutines follow-----------H *\ fHpٞ2KHzٞ2KH H  Hٞ2KHP2A Enter spectrum analyzer Serial Number Prefix (first four digits)H P H"  !9 !0#H" #HHH2<#8 Only 52 weeks in a yearH2H-\#H  #HٞBKHP$2 2: is not a valid prefix. Prefix must be a four-digit numberHXP.2 greater than -22. The last two digits must not be greater than 52.H X8H< B2- Press CONTINUE to try againH <LH VH ` jHtٞBKHN~B@ Enter spectrum analyzer Serial Number Suffix (last five digits)H N H  *0H" !9 !0L0H"H&p0H H  000H 00H 0H BAH 2 0HٞBKHP B B9 is not a valid serial number suffix. Suffix must be lessHVPB" than 5 digits long, greater than B, and less than &B.H VH< (B- Press CONTINUE to try againH <2H < F2 H P from Enter_SerialH Z dHn 2GARBAGEHx"2H 2H H ٞBKHNB? Select the spectrum analyzer model number from the list below.HTNBF Enter the appropriate model number exactly as it appears in the list.H>TB0 All alphabetic characters should be upper-case.H >H +H ҽ H  H H *5H * H*ܳH೎H ٞ2KHF "B B/ is not a valid spectrum analyzer model number.H F ,H6 6B( Press CONTINUE to try againH 6 @H Jٞ2KH  TH ^H hH r BNH|ٞBKH: B) Are there any options installed (Y or N) H: YjH  "H H H  from Enter_modelH ¶ ##H ֶH ٞBKH 'H, "  Current options: "HB,B3 Enter option number from list below or 'Q' to quitH BH  H H & H 0 QH :H D*6쳎H N *!HX*ƳHbH lٞBKHJ vB B4 is not a valid option. Select option from the list.H J H: B+ Press CONTINUE to try again H : H H H""B, H H ƶ H ж H ں from Enter_optionsH 䶎 $HٞBKH H  B Model Number: H B Serial Number: H  H6 * B% Is this information correct (Y or N) H64 BN!H  >H HH R$H \Hf from Verify_dataH p zH"1ٞ2ZENTID '2'H" from Load_idH  H$1ٞ2 ZENTSER ' 2'H$ from Load_serialH  ''H ?H ޵1ٞ2SER?;H1۞H1ٞ2ID?;H1۞H  "vH  H  #賎H  $?H .11B OPTION_LST-2H  81ٞ3H B10H Lٞ2KH  VH `HF jB7 The SERIAL NUMBER and ID were successfully downloaded!HBF tB3 Set the WR PROT/WR ENA jumper to WR PROT position.H4B ~B& Cycle power on the spectrum analyzer.H 4 H B ID String: H  B Serial Number: H  H  from Verify_loadH    H  ?H  ؛HD  ⛵B6 The Serial Number or ID string did not load properly!HHD 웵B: Please check WR PROT/ WR ENA jumper on the A2 Controller HH B Assembly.H  H    >H8  B& Press 'Q' to QUIT or 'C' to CONTINUE H8 ( Q%PH, F from Load_errorH  P   Z+H d*5&.H  n*(&*ǟ H x*(&*ǤH *%泎H  H  from prt_gd_modelsH   H *6&γH  *%&*!ǟ H *%&*!ǤH Ҵ*&H  ܛH  from prt_gd_optionsH    /H  H  *H   H ")H ,)HP8'vH  6*)H @**萳H JH T)BENDDATA'2H ^5΁H  hH  r  |'H  H   H )H  ) '޳H  *H   H  )H& )END)HP8(^H & *!)H **萳H 깳H( )HP8)END(H( 6!΁H  H  *    Prevents overuse of discH* & H 011B OPTION_LST-2H  :1۞3H  D H  N10H  XٞBKH b3)J8H  l33萳H  v from Check_cntrH  .   Creates counter on first passH . 3H  H  B OPTION_LST H 11B OPTION_LST-2H  1ٞ3H  10H  к from Create_cntrH  ڶ 6  8) Program halts if used more than 3 timesH 6 9H  ٞBKH  H  HH  B9 This program has been used three times; it can no longerHHH B: be used. If you are having difficulty downloading the newHLH *B> ID string, please contact your Hewlett-Packard representativeH0L 4B! so they may contact the factory.H 0 >H  H  RHH \2H fٞ2KH  p/H  zH  H,  B - CAUTION -H@, 22 This program is ONLY intended to be used with theHB@ 24 A2 Controller Assembly Replacement Kit and FirmwareH>B 20 Upgrade Kit for the following HP 8560 E-Series H"> 2 Spectrum Analyzers:H " H  +H  ԛHB  ޛ24 Any duplication or tampering with this software is H$B 蛵2 strictly prohibited. H $ 򛥳H$  B Copyright 1993, 1996H $H2 2$ Press CONTINUE to proceedH 2H $ٞ2KH .H 8HJ B2< Verify that the spectrum analyzer's HP-IB address is set toHJJL2< 18 by pressing [CONFIG], {ANALYZER ADDRESS}. If the addressHHJV29 is not set to 18, press 18, and then press the [Hz] key.H&H`2 Press {STORE HPIB ADR}.H &jH tH8 ~2) Press CONTINUE to proceedH 8H ٞ2KH H HL B> Place the spectrum analyzer is in Write-Enable mode by movingHFL28 the WR PROT/WR ENA jumper into the WR ENA position. TheHNFě2@ WR PROT/WR ENA jumper is located on the A2 Controller Assembly.H NΛH ؛H6 ⛵2( Press CONTINUE to proceedH 6H  from Intro_screensH   HR F "HP8560E","001","002","007","008","005","103","104","EMI","H13","H02"HFR : "HP8561E","001","005","007","008","103","104","H02","EMI"HJF(? DATA "HP8562E","001","005","006","007","008","103","104","EMI"H^J2 R "HP8563E","001","005","006","007","008","026","103","104","H01","EMI","H13","H02"HV^<K DATA "HP8564E","001","005","006","007","008","103","104","EMI","H02","H13"HVVFK DATA "HP8565E","001","005","006","007","008","103","104","EMI","H02","H13"HVP "ENDDATA"H Zd xPPPPPPPPPP