E6719B Lab Application Suite Revision Information

E6719B Lab Application Suite Revision Information

Last updated: December 23, 2004

This document describes the lab application revisions that comprise the Agilent Technologies E6719B Test Lab Application Suite. The application list and the revisions of the individual applications vary from suite to suite. The following table shows the revision of each individual application supplied with a particular suite. Refer to the individual lab applications for measurements, specifications and release notes.

Application Revisions Supplied With Particular Suites

E6719B UMTS Test Application Suite CD Part Number


Suite Release Date

Jan. 2005
Application Technology

Application Revisions

E6701D GSM/GPRS D.01
E6702B cdma2000 B.02
E6703C W-CDMA C.01
E6704A E-GPRS C.04




* Fast Switching Lab Application