HFSLIF#WS_FILE P! 8@HL.:)$ D  0 p 0:B΀T`(R : Z `H hz   @0 0 B @ 9|P0L000L0 0ΜP 80P& 2@  P0\@DP EZ@ "rhh@ %x0 n@ z.Path_1S@SaSer$Io_pathQ$ Get_init_idPrefix@Path_1Sig_id$ Intro_screensSuffixFadc$Fw_revFNOption_present Fadc_prefixOld_id$New_id$ Old_fw_rev Usage_failAsk_for_changes Check_cntrQuit Create_cntrCntr Over_three Ask_again Load_new_idHalt Verify_loadMdl$ Load_error Load_fail Try_again Del_option@D 8 RE-STORE "/users/torr/srm/USERS/TORR/PORT/RETROFIT:HFS"@RDF ============================= RETROFIT ==============================@PRE This program will add or delete Option 007, Fast ADC, or Option 008,@PP(E SIG ID, from an HP 8560 E-Series ID string. This software is used in@PP2E conjunction with the Option R07 Fast ADC Retrofit Kit and the Option@$P< R08 SIG ID Retrofit Kit.@ $F@N PC This program may be used a maximum of three times. If a successful@LNZA download is not possible in three attempts, the analyzer must be@RLdF sent to an HP Customer Service Center to have the ID string modified.@ Rn@< x0 This program is available as SECURED CODE ONLY.@R<F =====================================================================H RH Hٞ"KH11ν,2H,@ Original ID$ from analyzerH&,@ New ID$ to be loadedH6&@% Model string read back from analyzerH06ȼ@  Analyzer serial number stringH,0Ҽ@  General input query stringH<,`A,$ Datecode of original 856xE FirmwareH8< A ' 3310A is first prefix with FADC OptionH:8#- Flag to denote failure in download; 1 = FailH6:) Flag to denote if program used > 3 timesH.6 2,007 Option 007 for Fast ADCH,. 2,008 Option 008 for SIG IDH ,H "H ,H 6 n@&H JH@ T2 Set ID$s equal; will add to New_id$ if necessary.H @^H hH rH | H# &H   H H H( 2 Program TerminatedH (½H ̶ Hٞ"ID?;H ۞H ٞ"SER?;H ۞H ٞ"REV?;H ۞ H H &H 0H : DH NHR X 2AIs Option 007, Fast ADC, installed or being retrofitted? (Y or N)H0RbY ӵ007ղ  H20lN ӵ007ղ $ ղH 2vHP  2?Is Option 008, SIG ID, installed or being retrofitted? (Y or N)H0PY ӵ008ղ n H20N ӵ008ղ $ ղH 2HR F Add Option 008, if not already present, if older unit with newer F/W.H$R ӵ2008ղ  6H $  H ƹH ж(  Prevents overuse of discH( H12 OPTIONLIST-2H ۞H  H  0H ٞ2KH  H *萳H 4 from Check_cntrH >. H Creates counter on first passH .RH \ H f2 OPTIONLIST Hp12 OPTIONLIST-2H zٞH 0H  from Create_cntrH *  Load New ID$ into analyzerH *H" ٞ2ZENTID '2'H" from Load_new_idH ʶ*  Checks for proper downloadH*ٞ2ID?;H ۞H ֳH  H   H 2H  #H 12 OPTIONLIST-2H  $ٞH .0H 8H BH@ L22 The new ID string was successfully downloaded ! H>@ V20 Set WR PROT/WR ENA jumper to WR PROT position.H6> `2' Cycle power on the spectrum analyzer.H 6 jH" t2 Old ID String: H"" ~2 New ID String: H"H from Verify_loadH :  , If ID string did not successfully downloadH :#H H ěHD Λ25 The new ID string did not download properly! PleaseHDD؛26 check the WR PROT/WR ENA jumper on the A2 ControllerH D⛵2 board assembly.H 웥H" B Old ID String: H""B New ID String: H " H  H8( B& Press 'Q' to QUIT or 'C' to CONTINUEH82Q"H<C@H,FQClH,P from Load_errorH Z6 d) Program halts if used more than 3 timesH 6nH xٞBKH H HH B: This program has been used three times; it can no longerHJHB; be used. If you are having difficulty downloading the newHNJB? ID string, please contact your Hewlett-Packard representativeH0NB" so they may contact the factory.H0 from Over_threeH ȶ HٞBKH 曥H 𛥳H0 2! - CAUTION - HL02> This software is ONLY intended to be used with the followingHBL23 kits for the HP 8560 E-Series Spectrum Analyzers:H BHD "25 Option R07 - Fast ADC (Option 007) Retrofit Kit H:D,2, (Serial Prefix >= 3310A)HB:J23 Option R08 - SIG ID (Option 008) Retrofit Kit H BTHL ^2= Any duplication or tampering with this software is strictlyHLh2 prohibited.H rH sB Copyright 1993H |H4 2& Press CONTINUE to proceedH 4H H ٞBKH H HL ›2= Verify that the spectrum analyzer's HP-IB address is set toHLL̛2= 18 by pressing [CONFIG], {ANALYZER ADDRESS}. If the addressHHL֛2: is not set to 18, press 18, and then press the [Hz] key.H(H2 Press {STORE HPIB ADR}.H (ꛥH H4 2& Press CONTINUE to proceedH 4H H ٞBKH &H 0HJ :2< Place the spectrum analyzer in Write-Enable mode by movingHHJD2: the WR PROT/WR ENA jumper into the WR ENA position. The HLHN2= WR PROT/WR ENA jumper is located on the A2 Controller boardHLX2 assembly.H bH lH4 v2& Press CONTINUE to proceedH 4H H ٞBKH H H H   @<hn0H0 @% * D 2 6 <HLpRFeodel$@@"oundF@"ZecentTarget$OptiongpresentFeodel$@SaFound NFNOption_presentTarget$Option_presentModel$@SaFound Num_optionsOptOpt$Io_pathH м HNڶC Function to determine whether or not the option defined in Target$H4N䶎( is present in the analyzer's ID string.H 4H@ ~+ Query DUT for ID$ ONLY if a string was notH"@ ٞ2ID?; passed in.H "  ۞H H   H * 퐳H 4H >H HH RH \H fH  pH zH 0@"D  hl0   $ *Tl08pdionId$Ggption$@ @  Del_option Del_optionId$Option$Id_1$Id_2$Old_lenOpt_mkr/ Removes Option$ from Id$H @H @H   H  H  H H H H 蹳H BH  H  H