Channel Sounding Solution

此套裝軟體屬於 PathWave 向量信號分析(89600 VSA)

安裝於: 儀器


  • Create coded channel sounding reference waveforms with simple setup of sample rate, shaping filter and sequence length
  • Compare the received signal with reference signal to make channel sounding measurements including channel impulse response, channel frequency response, and sounding metric
  • Low SNR support
  • Support latest Keysight signal sources and analyzer platforms up to mmWave frequency including M9384B VXG, N9042B UXA, Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscopes
  • Acquire data with up to 8 channels with oscilloscopes or signal analyzers


  • 89601200C Basic vector signal analysis and hardware connectivity
  • 89600CSP-H51 plug-in for channel sounding signal analysis
  • N7608APPC Signal generation for custom modulation


Instrument Compatibility


PathWave 向量信號分析(89600 VSA) — 功能完整的解調變和向量信號分析工具。

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