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是德提供各種桌上型 LCR 錶,以滿足您在研發、製造、品質保證或進貨檢測等領域的量測需求。 除了是德桌上型 LCR 錶提供的高量測效能和通用功能外,您還能在是德的全套阻抗量測附件中找到最適合您的量測附件。

  • The E4980A precision LCR meter (20 Hz to 2 MHz frequency range) provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements.
  • The E4980AL precision LCR meter (20 Hz to 300 kHz/500 kHz/1 MHz) is an industry standard of basic LCR meters which provides excellent accuracy, speed, and versatility. Frequency options are available and upgradeable providing a solid investment option and asset utilization.
  • The E4982A LCR Meter provides the best performance for the passive component manufacturing such as SMD inductors and EMI filters, where impedance testing at high frequencies (1 MHz to 300 M/500 M/1 G/3 GHz) is required. Not only for the manufacturing, the E4982A can also be utilized for R&D, quality assurance with the powerful functions such as list measurements.
  • The E4981A capacitance meter offers a high-speed with reliable measurements for ceramic capacitor testing in the production lines. The E4981A realizes the measurement capabilities of capacitance from small to large values with accurate measurements. 

Complete Your Configuration with the Right accessories

Keysight Technologies offers a variety of accessories and test fixture to use with our LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers, Capacitance Meters and Network Analyzer. Each accessory is designed to ensure highly accurate measurements without degrading the performance of the measurement instrument.

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