M918xA Series 6.5 Digit PXI Digital Multimeters

Get fast throughput and trustworthy measurements

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PXI DMM with Fast Throughput, Flexible Measurements, Trustworthy Results

The Keysight M918xA Series (M9181A, M9182A, M9183A) compact digital multimeters (DMM) provide 10 built-in measurement types with the accuracy and stability you would expect from a 6.5 digit PXI DMM. High performance in a small, rugged package gives you an ideal deployment platform for many automated test systems.

  • Stay productive with high throughput up to 15,000 readings/s
  • Reduce development time with application development in the environment of your choice
  • Choose customer-supported calibration procedures as well as Keysight calibration services 
  • Be confident with high measurement accuracy up to 40 ppm 
  • Enjoy highest test throughput due to lowest latency
  • Get fast and easy instrument connections with Keysight IO Libraries Suite and complete software drivers for Windows OS

Compact, fast, reliable, and Affordable PXI DMM

  • Compact PXI form factor and high throughput is ideal for automated test systems
  • PC multimeter card with fast measurement speeds to help you stay productive
  • Soft front panel, software drivers, and application code examples ease instrument control and integration into your existing systems
  • Factory calibrated and shipped with an ISO-9002, NIST-traceable calibration certificate

Key Specifications


6.5 digits

DCV Accuracy Range

0.009% to 0.004%

Floating Isolation

CAT II 240 V to 300 V

Max Reading Speed

15,000 readings/s

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