P7000A Base Station Measurement Automation Solution Software

3GPP Base Station Conformance (based on 3GPP Chapter 6, 7 & 8) Measurement Automation Solution Software

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The Keysight P7000A Base Station Measurement Automation Solution is an integrated software and hardware package intended for developing 3GPP Base Station Conformance, Performance, and Device Verification and Test (DVT) measurement systems.

The detailed specifications for base station conformance testing are set by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and are referenced in the latest version of the specification 38.141-2.

These types of measurement systems require integrating a range of technical disciplines, including instrument and device control, system design and calibration, and technical standards expertise. The P7000A solution integrates standards-compliant measurements with state-of-the-art Keysight equipment which results in:

  • Simplified Manufacturer’s Declaration List
  • Test plan generation based on 3GPP requirements in 38.141-2
  • Integrated software/hardware solution for implementation of key 3GPP base station conformance measurements
  • Reduced system development time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Faster system integration time
  • Reduced time to market

The P7000 Measurement Automation Solution graphical user interface and automated test automation plans make light work of challenging 3GPP requirements. Together with Keysight’s S9101A-BK1 5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver, that provides the necessary channel blocking, for chapter 6 (transmitter) and chapter 7 (receiver) in-band non-signaling tests. Keysight’s P8800A User Equipment Emulation (UEE) UeSIM™ Solution works with the P7000 software to provide chapter 8 receiver performance measurements.

P7000A Base Station Measurement Automation Solution

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