For this release, update the Current Version Tab for all 33500B models as shown:

The following changes have been made in firmware release 5.00:

  • Option IQP is now standard on the 33512B and 33522B. Upgrading these units to 5.0 without Option IQP previously installed will show the option as ‘Included’ in the System → Help → About window. Upgrading these units to 5.0 with Option IQP previously installed will continue to show ‘IQP’ as “Licensed”. There is no change in functionality. All other licensed options must be purchased. 
  • Adds HTML5 emulation for additional instrument control options from the WebUI (user interface) for all 33500B series waveform generators. Selecting ‘Control Instrument’ on the WebUI enables selection of the control options.


  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Save the firmware file to your computer and note the directory where the file is saved. Firmware updates installed over the LAN, GPIB, or USB interface are files with .upd extensions.
  3. Unzip the file to access the .upd file. For updates using a front panel USB drive, the utility extracts the required files from the (unzipped) .upd file.
  4. If not currently installed, download and install the Firmware Update Utility.


  • From the utility directory or Start menu, start the utility (FWUpdate.exe). The utility will prompt you for the location of the .upd file. Follow the additional prompts to complete the installation.

  • If updating from the LAN, USB, or GPIB interface the instrument address is required. With the instrument turned on, pressing Help – About displays the addresses.

  • The update may take several seconds to complete and will reboot the instrument. After the update is complete, exit the utility.

  • It is not necessary to re-calibrate the instrument following a firmware-update; however, the instrument may need to be re-secured if it was unsecured to perform the update.


  • 不需要授權

安裝於: Instrument


  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 10


  • 無相關資訊


  • 33509B,33510B,33511B,33512B,33519B,33520B,33521B,33522B,33521A,33522A