The M9099 Waveform Creator is a modular software application focused on easy development of complex baseband and vector signals used in the validation and test of digital communications products. Built around a “drag and drop” graphical user interface, Waveform Creator allows quick development of multi-format, multi-track waveforms with waveform segments displaced in frequency and time.

Waveform Creator 3.1 adds the following key features:

  • Added Digital Modulation support for APCO25 Phase1 - C4FM, Phase1 - CQPSK, Tetra-1 and ARIB T98/61/102
  • Updated DOCSIS 3.1 upstream signal generation capabilities.
  • Added QAM 2048 and 4096 in Digital Modulation plug-in
  • Added Dual Sine Wave to Basic Waveform plug-in
  • Expanded lower waveform frequency limit from 100 kHz to 1 Hz
  • Added “Sequencing Mode” and “Dynamic Control On” to M8190A dynamic sequencer
  • Added support for Keysight 33522 & 33600 series AWG


  • Click the Download button
  • Select Run
  • Follow the screen prompts to install the software.


  • 需取得授權

安裝於: PC


  • Windows 7


  • 33522 (AWG), 33600 (AWG), 81180A/B, 89600 (VSA Simulation Output), E4438C (ESG), M8190A, M8195A (AWG), M9330/31A, M9381A, N5172B (EXG), N5182A/B (MXG), and N824xA (AWG)