BenchVue 2020 Platform is supported only on Windows 10 and thus the supported OS's are listed to be only Windows 10 eventhough IO Libraries Suite 2020 and Command Expert 2019 are supported on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

.NET 3.5 Framework is required for IO Libraries Suite 2020 so it is best to install it on Windows 10 that are connected to internet and are allowed to install the .NET 3.5 Framework feature.

BenchVue application installer .exe's need to be downloaded from each application's Software and Firmware tab.


  1. Click the download button
  2. Select the executable
  3. Save to your computer


  • Run the downloaded installer


  • 不需要授權

安裝於: PC


  • Windows 10


  • .NET 3.5 Framework feature enabled or can be downloaded and installed by Windows Updater


  • All Keysight Instruments