COMCAS provides a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, and research results. COMCAS is a platform drawing on industry experience from areas as diverse as communications, antennas, Radar, RF & Microwave Circuits and Systems, to Bio-medical Engineering. Keysight is the main sponsor of COMCAS 2019, boasting a bold presence on the exhibition floor and in the technical agenda.

Who should attend?

R&D Electronics Engineers, RF Engineers, Application Engineers, System Engineers, Device & Testing Engineers and Program Managers

4–6 November, 2019
David Intercontinental Hotel,
Tel Aviv,

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Keysight's Involvement in Comcas Conference

Test and Evaluation of Cognitive EA systems – Requirements for future test systems
Keysight speaker – Dan Pleasant

While the world has been hard at work developing cognitive AI-based approaches to electronic attack, little thought has been given to the ways in which such EA systems must be tested and their performance evaluated against various threats. The common parametric test techniques that have been used in the past will not be sufficient. This paper examines the problem and finds that there are two major areas of interest: First, a closed-loop test system is required; and second, a simplified method of evaluating the effectiveness of a jammer must be implemented. The paper will present potential test system architectures, highlight the gaps in the available test technologies, and discuss at a high level the considerations that must be taken into account when evaluating EA system effectiveness.

Date and Time
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Grand C


Coexistence Testing of 5G with Radar/Satellite
Keysight Speaker: Raymond Chen
As the frequency spectrum becomes more crowded, allocated communications frequencies are now overlapping each other, giving birth to the term “coexistence”.  For example, in the 3.5 GHz band in the US, 4G LTE and military radars may disrupt each other. Being that 5G will be in operation together with many other transmitters, including radars, radios, satellite, or others, a test platform is needed to assess vulnerabilities in specific use cases/venues. How vulnerable a 5G comms system is to unintentional interference or intentional jamming is a subject of concern. Here, we describe a series of signal generation systems to simulate real world scenarios, including terrain propagation effects. We also describe signal analyzer systems to characterize the effects of interference on signal quality of the communications system.

Date and Time
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Grand A


The (R)evolution of Spectrum and Signal Analysis: from a Hardware to a Signal Centric Approach
Keysight speaker - Giovanni D’Amore
Analyze the frequency spectrum, determine accurately the signal value and characteristics of critical importance in our modern world. Among the most popular and versatile of all measurement tool, the spectrum analyzer measures the magnitude of an input signal versus frequency. By contrast, the vector signal analyzer measures the magnitude and phase of an input signal within the analyzer’s intermediate-frequency bandwidth. The architecture of a spectrum/signal analyzer is quite established, based on a super-heterodyne receiver that detect the signal and process it. However, we are now reaching the limit in term of analog performance with all the key specifications like noise and distortion close to the physical limits. As well this architecture does not perform very well with modern signals that are becoming more complex in term of information and occupied bandwidth. A new measurement approach is needed to overcome the hardware limitation and being able to characterize the most challenging signals. In this speech we will look at those new approaches, detailing the architectural change and analyzing pro and cons of this novel technology.

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