Autonomous driving requires thorough testing of all the intelligent electronics controlling the automobile’s sensors and communications. One of the key components is understanding the various requirements for automotive radar development and to keep up with combination of strict safety regulations and evolving design and test needs.

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians seeking to learn about the design and test workflow in the automotive engineering.

Date and TIme
Thursday May 28, 2020
09:00 - 16:30 

Keysight Technologies
Herrenbergerstrasse 130

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This seminar will cover the following topics and break out sessions for demonstrations and discussion:

Insights into automotive radar design and lifecycle

From blind spot detection and parking assistance to adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, radar applications have grown in vehicle utilization and increased in technological sophistication. The advanced technologies, such as 79 GHz frequency with 4 GHz modulation bandwidth and micro-Doppler to detect and protect pedestrians, has led to new design and test challenges. This session introduces solutions to solve difficult challenges across the automotive radar design and test lifecycle.

Challenge of Automotive Radar Interference Test Measurement

The requirement for automotive radar is gradually changing from the basic feature of conventional radar to detect objects to the advanced ability of image radar with ultra-high resolution performance for recognition of objects. And these market requirements make various proposals and ideas for advanced radar systems using MIMO and different modulation types. However, there is a possibility that these various technologies are affected by interference from others. And there are various proposals of interference mitigation plans to reduce the impact of radar performance due to interference. In this paper, you will see how to set up a test system for verification of automotive radar interference mitigation plan and what the experimental results of interference test using Keysight Interference test solution and CATR far-field chamber are.

Challenges and Solutions of Advanced Automotive Radar System Design

From blind spot detection and parking assistance to adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking system, automotive radar is now an indispensable part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving systems. This paper will review advanced automotive radar system modeling techniques of unique radar waveform designs, including multiple transmit and receive antennas, detailed MMIC modeling, noise impact, impedance mismatch and more. The addition of an integrated SBR Ray Tracing simulation engine provides the ability to model automotive radar scenarios with greater accuracy than previously possible. With the advent of imaging radars, this enhanced accuracy is essential to verifying mission critical functionality and performance.


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