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Advanced Power System N6900 Series Power Supplies


Advanced Power System

N6900 Series Power Supplies

Versatility was never faster

Achieve the optimum balance of test coverage, quality and time

Advanced Power System (APS) Overview

Versatility was never faster

There’s an art to the tradeoffs you make when you need to integrate your test system fast, test your products faster and stay within budget. Keysight’s small, flexible and market-leading-fast Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 Series DC power supplies with VersaPower architecture can make those tradeoffs easier and help you achieve the optimum balance of test coverage, quality and time in your ATE system

Overcome your toughest measurement challenges with VersaPower architecture

VersaPower uses cutting- edge technology to deliver industry-leading performance and innovative capabilities you don’t typically find in a switching power supply design.

VersaPower architecture delivers the fastest, most accurate, integrated power system

  • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
  • Capture your DUT’s current profile with accurate measurements
  • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities
  • Create the configuration you need: easily add optional and advanced capabilities

Get lots of power in a small test-system footprint

Two power ranges deliver a large amount of power in a small test-system footprint:

  • 1 kW models have a 1U full-rack footprint
  • 2 kW models have a 2U full-rack footprint
  • Both power ranges have built-in paralleling capability up to 10 kW

Choose the APS N6900 model with the voltage and current you need

The N6900 Series DC power ssupply family offers five voltage and current combinations at the 1 kW power range and seven voltage and current combinations at the 2 kW power range.

Meet your ATE testing needs without paying for more capability than you need

When you purchase an N6900 DC power supply, you can add optional capability to boost your test-system versatility. Now you can tune your power supply capability to meet your specific needs.

Test Challenges and How the APS Helps you Overcome Them

The APS, with Keysight’s exclusive VersaPower architecture, helps you overcome a wide variety of power test challenges.

Faster Test Speeds, Faster System Integration and Deployment

Accelerate test throughput with industry-leading specifications

  • Achieve test speeds that are up to 100x faster than standard system power supplies
  • Enhance program execution with command processing speed of less than 1 ms
  • Optimize test speed and ensure DUT safety with up/down programming speed as fast as 500 µs
  • Balance speed and accuracy with adjustable measurement rates (Options 301 and 303)

Faster system integration

Reduce test complexity and protect your DUT with integrated smart triggering

  • Initiate instrument action with level triggering from five different measurements
  • Create logical triggering “and,” “or,” “not” based on multiple trigger sources
  • Use triggers to transition through a list of voltage or current levels

Faster deployment

Easily replicate and support systems at multiple sites around the world

  • The high degree of integration dramatically reduces system development time and makes replication easy
  • Complement your in-house test expertise with Keysight’s local application engineering resources
  • Simplify calibration and repair with our global service network

Add additional flexibility to your system with built-in paralleling capability

  • Automatically ensure equal current sharing among paralleled supplies
  • Connect multiple N6900 power supplies using the three-wire connection on the rear panel of each unit
  • Use each paralleled supply in its intended mode, either constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC)



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