Keysight World 2020 Europe

Now more than ever, innovation must go on, wherever we are working. And just as you continue innovating what’s next, we are innovating our next Keysight World events to bring you the latest in industry, design, and test trends from the comfort of your desk while maintaining the technical depth you need.

Keysight World 2020 Europe is now a fully virtual event delivered to you online from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2020.

Across the 3 days, we plan to dive deep into the hottest topics from design to deployment in 5G, Automotive, Advanced Measurements, High Speed Digital and IT Network Security. Each of these 5 tracks is being designed for a truly immersive experience with thought leaders and experts delivering presentations, demos, and LIVE Q&A.

You bring your limitless imagination and vision, and we help accelerate your next innovation. Innovate Next. At Keysight World.

Welcome to Keysight World 2020 Europe

Event FAQ

How do I register?

There is no charge for participation in Keysight World. Registration is setup to allow you to build your own schedule across the 5 tracks. You'll receive links to join the live broadcast.

To Register, simply select any of the tracks below and follow the instructions on the track page.

How do I attend solution demonstrations?

Solution Demonstrations can be accessed at any time on the event day. You'll be able to jump back and forth between sessions and demos as if you were in a "traditional" conference/tradeshow.

Attendees of the live broadcast will also get access to a host of other exciting resources from Keysight.

How do I share this with my colleagues?

Keysight World comes packed with 35+ sessions and 50+ solution demonstrations, and the value of this content is exponentially greater when you share it with your teammates or use it as a foundation to stimulate your own engineering discussions.

Simply forward this page and don't forget to bookmark it.

How do I talk to the experts?

Every live session will have technical experts behind the scenes answering your questions in chat as fast as they can type. Anything we miss will be answered via eMail.

We are looking forward to offering you an engaging and delightful experience with Keysight World 2020. "See" you there!

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