The Genesys EM block includes the most advanced 3D planar electromagnetic simulator in the industry, Momentum GXF, along with Momentum GX, EMpower and links to Sonnet.

EM Building Block

Genesys Momentum GXF & Genesys Momentum GX Simulation

Momentum GXF is the highest-performance 3D-planar EM simulator with multi-threading Method of Moment analysis engine for speed  and NlogN algorithm for high capacity.  Robust polygonal meshing allows arbitrary layout shapes to be analyzed efficiently without the contraints of fitting to rectangular grids.

Momentum GX is the high-performance integrated 3D-planar EM simulator based on Method-of-Moments analysis technique. It is a subset of Momentum GXF and does not include multi-threading and NlogN solver.

Genesys Empower Simulation

Basic integrated 3D-planar EM simulator based on Method-of-Lines -- works well on smaller modeling problems that are easily gridded with a rectangular mesh.

EMPro Link

EMPro analyzes non-planar 3-D electromagnetic effects such as packaging, shielding and integration of circuit with waveguides. In a single click, Genesys exports its planar RF/ microwave layout, along with ports and substrate material properties to EMPro for immediate simulation. Eliminates tedious manual re-entering of 3D structures, EM port locations and material properties.

Genesys Sonnet Interface

Enables Genesys to cosimulate with planar EM simulators from Sonnet Software.