5G - mmWave

Validate Infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges researchers face is the number and variety of waveforms, frequencies, and bandwidths they must investigate. This includes waveforms at frequencies below 6 GHz and at microwave and mmWave frequencies, which may involve wide bandwidths. To help address these test challenges, Keysight’s 5G waveform generation and analysis reference solution combines hardware, software, and measurement expertise.

Communicate Beyond 50 GHz

Upper mmWave frequency bands offer the potential of large contiguous swaths of spectrum for high data throughput applications such as 802.11ay, 5G NR and car radar. New approaches are needed to tackle the challenges of extreme mmWave bandwidths. This new wideband mmWave testbed (AWG, Vector PSG, upconverter + UXR) combines high performance digital technology with compact mmWave converters to generate and analyze extremely wide bandwidth mmWave test signals. Frequency bands and modulation bandwidths can be scaled for emerging mmWave applications.

Aerospace and Defense - EW

EW Simulation & Analysis
Keysight’s EW test and evaluation platform offers flexible COTS solutions for multi-port EW threat simulation and wideband analysis and playback. Create complex multi-emitter scenarios with Keysight threat simulation software which automatically computes angle of arrival (AoA) and kinematics. The platform is also compatible with other dynamic PDW-based scenario generators.

Advanced Measurements

Wideband mmWave PA Test
Traditional test setups, especially for 5G power amplifiers and beamformer integrated circuit design, verification and production, are complex and can introduce a wide range of sources for potential errors, such as mismatch and cable loss, which compromise signal fidelity and reduce the accuracy and repeatability of measurements. The new S93070xB Modulation Distortion application, which runs on the PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer, enables designers to accurately, repeatably and quickly characterize the behavior of a device under modulated wideband signal stimulus. It leverages state of the art calibration for the best accuracy, offers single connection and single touch for existing vector network analyzer measurements, and provides the lowest possible residual EVM available in the market today.

Microwave Component Test
In the past, measuring characteristics of DUTs requires a test system with multiple measurement instruments. Programming a host PC to operate and synchronize measurement sweeps between the instruments is time consuming. The new ENA and USB VNA integrate many unique capabilities within a compact form factor. The new intuitive GUI, combined with updated firmware, covers more applications and controls all built-in capabilities. On the ENA we can show an amplifier characterization measurement, while on the streamline we can build up a material measurement solution in combination with KEAD test fixture.

PathWave Workflow Acceleration

Elevate Operational Excellence
Connected, agile design and test is a transformational way to approach the development of electronic systems. It combines new software, new workflows, and powerful automation tools, in a way that transforms legacy processes and yields substantial productivity and equipment utilization improvements. Industry 4.0 is driving the digitization of manufacturing, and information extracted from big data can be used to optimize and improve manufacturing processes.

RF Module EM Simulation
The PathWave Design 2020 software suite accelerates product development by reducing the time engineers spend in the design and simulation phase. Its libraries and customized simulators reduce setup time and automation improvements reduce manual work. The software seamlessly integrates circuit design, electromagnetic (EM) simulation, layout capabilities, and system level modeling, reducing time needed for importing and exporting designs and fixing errors associated with changing tools. Improvements in data analytics allow for rapid analysis and timely design decisions.

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