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You are the world’s visionaries and innovators. You deliver breakthroughs that change lives, secure the world, and connect people across the globe.

At Keysight, we know that innovating what’s next in technology requires the perfect blend of inspiration, technology, solutions, and partners from around the world.

That’s the driving idea behind Keysight World. You bring your limitless imagination and vision. We bring together thought leaders, technological advances, breakthrough design, test, and optimization strategies, and leading-edge solutions on a global scale to inspire, enable, and accelerate your next innovation.

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Deep Technical Sessions
Learn from industry leaders and technical experts about the latest industry directions and technologies.




Technical Sessions

Virtual Events

Our country events are immersive virtual experiences and now available on-demand. Choose your language; Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, or English as seen in Americas, and Europe.

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Program Highlights



The time to implement 5G is now.

New frequency bands, a new over-the-air interface, and the use of multiple-input / multiple-output and beamforming technologies are driving a disruptive shift in design and test measurement techniques.

Learn how to emulate the latest 5G devices and networks, increase the performance of your 5G innovations, and streamline your workflow — today.

High Speed Digital

High Speed Digital

High speed digital standards and data center networking speeds are quickly evolving to support ever-increasing computing and performance demands. Faster networking speeds require faster memory and faster serial bus communications. You need to address parallel design challenges, all necessary to support emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles.

Learn how Keysight’s unique solutions help you master every aspect of high speed digital designs across all product development stages — from design and simulation through analysis, debug, and compliance test.


IT Network Security

The Network Effect states, “The value of your network increases proportionally with the square of the number of nodes,” but so do the dangers.

Keysight brings decades of experience as the source of truth for the biggest network equipment makers and network operators on the planet. That experience puts us in a unique position to provide the dynamic network intelligence needed to run and secure the networks at the center of everything we do.

Learn how to survive — and even thrive — as the ability to measure helps you manage not just the traffic on your network, but its security as well.

Automotive and Energy


Cars are evolving dramatically, as is their use of electronics to enable the future of transportation.

Maintaining a safe driving experience in the era of e-mobility and autonomous driving requires constant secure connectivity on- and off-vehicle, dozens of IoT sensors, and precise timing. When safety is in the balance, validating these things demands accuracy and precision that go far beyond “pass” or “fail.”

Keysight PathWave

Keysight’s PathWave is the industry’s first design and test software platform to accelerate workflows by connecting every step in the product development path — from design and simulation, to prototype and test, to manufacturing.

Get a demonstration of this powerful integrated software platform and learn from Keysight technical experts how to connect and accelerate your workflow with PathWave.


Keysight Services

Services are critical to maximizing your test environment and test solutions.

Keysight World 2020 features sessions and meeting areas dedicated to services and support at our face to face events.

Learn about our new KeysightCare program as well as other Keysight core service offerings, and meet service representatives to discuss your needs and answer questions.

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