Why It Matters

Autonomous driving algorithms have to be taught to make safe decisions by going through intensive training on millions of complex driving scenes. Better trained algorithms means better safety on the road. Hear how one Keysight expert explains why the Radar Scene Emulator is so critical for automakers and vehicle drivers and passengers alike.

Validate Automotive Radar Perception Algorithms

Validating how automotive radar sensors perceive dynamic targets is crucial to radar’s contribution to ADAS / AD functionality. Developers must test the radar modules and the algorithms behind safety and automated driving applications against sensor front-end variants, bumper designs, and mounting positions. In this webinar by ADAS and AD expert Sven Leitsch, he takes us through a study on pedestrian perception model creation, testing, and ground-truth validation using the unique Keysight Radar Scene Emulator.

See How The Radar Scene Emulator Can Help You Realize ADAS / AV Capabilities

Keysight Radar Scene Emulator helps you develop robust radar sensors and algorithms so you can realize ADAS / AV capabilities

Please join us for the virtual unveiling of the new Keysight Radar Scene Emulator solution. This game-changing solution enables you to lab test complex, real-world driving scenes by emulating up to 512 radar objects and distances as close as 1.5 meters.

Keysight’s industry-first Radar Scene Emulator solution delivers performance unmatched in the industry. It's a revolutionary step forward for autonomous driving developers who value safety first.

Watch Keysight's virtual solution launch to learn how the Radar Scene Emulator can help you develop the robust radar sensors and algorithms you need to realize ADAS / AV capabilities on the path to full vehicle autonomy.

Pushing Automotive Testing Boundaries Together

"Our collaboration with Keysight can be summarized in three words — innovation, flexibility, and teamwork. We've been able to collaborate on a good working solution with the capacity to discriminate targets, pushing the boundaries towards innovations to solve new challenges in ADAS and automated drive systems."


Keysight and Renault collaborate to solve new challenges in ADAS / AV systems

Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator Earns Prestigious Industry Awards

Tech.AD Award 2022 for RSE

Tech.AD Awards Europe

Best Project in Testing, Validation & Safety 2022

Tech.AD Award 2022 for RSE

Tech.AD Awards USA

Testing, Validation & Safety 2022

Radar Scene Emulator Awards 2022

The Elektra Awards

Test Product of the Year 2022

RSE Stevie American Business Awards 2022

American Business Awards

Achievement in Product Innovation 2022

RSE TEM Awards 2022

Automotive Testing Technology Awards

Hardware Innovation of the Year 2022

The Electronics Industry Awards

Automotive Product of the Year 2022

AutoSens Awards

Best Validation/Simulation Tool 2022

"We are honored to receive these prestigious industry awards. Full-scene emulation in the lab is critical to developing the robust radar sensors and algorithms needed to deploy advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) capabilities."

Thomas Goetzl, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions

The People Behind Radar Scene Emulator

Our engineers behind the Keysight Radar Scene Emulator share what drove them to create engineering magic.

Carrie Browen, Solution Manager for Radar Scene Emulator

Carrie Browen, Solution Manager

The men and women that designed the radar scene emulation technology with the miniaturized radar target simulators (mRTS) say each one of these mRTS is like a pixel in a TV screen. In similar fashion, they’re assembled into a larger image—and that’s what the scene emulator is designed to do. So, each element is a pixel, or a radar pixel. Or maybe it’s a “rixel"?

To introduce revolutionary technology, we need revolutionary words.

Khouzema Unchwaniwala, R&D Integrating Manager in Keysight Labs

Khouzema Unchwaniwala, R&D Integrating Manager

The Radar Scene Emulator is like virtual reality goggles for radar sensors and cars! Pretty cool huh? The excitement within the research team in Keysight is just very palpable.

They were energized by the challenge posed in developing this solution, and now are super excited about the possibility the solution will enable, its ability to accelerate autonomous vehicle development, and its benefit to society. I look forward to that day in great anticipation.

Natalie Killeen

Natalie Killeen, R&D IC Engineer

Autonomous driving is a future capability that can offer enormous quality-of-life improvements for those who cannot drive themselves. My father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and it has been difficult to watch the man who helped me with my math homework and taught me how to play softball, struggle as his physical ability declines over the years. I know this loss of independence is difficult for him sometimes.

Autonomous driving would help people like my father hold on to their independence, while still being safe on the road.

Choo Beng Lim, R&D Program Manager of Keysight Radar Scene Emulator

Choo Beng Lim, R&D Program Manager

What really keeps me awake at night is troubleshooting through the design and test phases, and ensuring we are able to procure the necessary materials for building the system on time. Despite all the challenges, I am very excited to work on this project because our Keysight Radar Scene Emulator is a first-to-market solution.

I am also inspired by the fact that there are many opportunities in autonomous drive emulation for us to materialize our vision to connect and secure the world. We are creating a new future by supporting our automotive customers to realize their vision, and our vision of mobility.

Christian Bourde 

Christian Bourde, Product Engineering Manager

Time flies when you're having fun, learning, and being creative. The research is ongoing, but we've already covered a lot of ground and are starting to form a much better picture of how the whole thing will come together.

Watching one or two pixels emulate a scene is something my brain can still follow and match the interaction of one or two objects. But seeing the environment with hundreds of objects is something else altogether. It's a cluttered world and it's going to take a lot of innovation and many disciplines to make sense of it all.

Minu Jacob

Minu Jacob, Research Scientist

It's been exciting working on this project because the science behind radar and sensor fusion is fascinating. It's also fulfilling to be part of a solution that will make autonomous driving safer in the future. And this solution is also more environmentally friendly than having to do hundreds of miles of drive tests on the road just to test and verify the radar's algorithms.

The complexity of the Radar Scene Emulator introduces a lot of challenges related to calibration and software and hardware integration, but it's great to be working on those challenges on a team, and for a company, that has the expertise to solve these challenges.

Dieter Vook

Dieter Vook, Research Scientist

I live in Silicon Valley and am used to seeing lots of self-driving startups. Their cars are on the roads driving many miles around the same residential streets with monitor drivers seating in the passenger seat. It is really not sufficient to bring the level of quality needed to replace a human driver for corner-case driving situations. And that's where our new Radar Scene Emulator is helping to make self-driving cars a reality.

The end goal for me in this solution is to help make self-driving systems sufficiently safe, so that I can think about putting a grandmother, or my relatives who really shouldn't be driving, in a driverless taxi and know they will be safe.

Silviu-Sorin Tuca, Solution Manager for Autonomous Drive Emulation platform

Silviu-Sorin Tuca, Solution Manager

Full disclosure – I joined the team after the Radar Scene Emulator launch campaign started. Of course I had heard internal rumors about a 'big secret project;' some brand new solution based on awesome technology developed by Keysight Labs. I was told it was going to be a paradigm shift in how automakers test the logic in self-driving vehicles!

At first, I was enticed by the novelty of the technology behind the Radar Scene Emulator solution. Then I met the folks working on it – all of them inspiring people, from different organizations, different regions, and different cultures, working from the office, or the lab, or from home, around the clock. Each one was invested in the success of this project and passionate about the result, as am I!

#Keysight #GreatPlaceToWork #TeamWork

Greg Lee

Greg Lee, Research Scientist

The artificial intelligence (AI) community tells us that autonomous driving will be safer than human driving. We'll never know if this is so, until the car companies begin to test the dangerous, and what I would call the verge-of-accident type of scenarios. But of course, the latter are totally unethical to test in reality. I've always thought that here is where electronic emulation can help.

It is my hope that our Radar Scene Emulator can present these sorts of scenarios, and others, to the radar, as the radar would see them in reality. Then, it is up to the car's AI to learn to react to the sensor information in the safest manner possible, on a case-to-case basis. Only then will the general public and for that matter, the car companies themselves, gain confidence in automated drive technology.

Greg Vanwiggeren

Greg Vanwiggeren, R&D Research Manager

The Radar Scene Emulator project has been very challenging, but the best things in life often are. This project required invention in many areas, and was full of risk and uncertainties. In particular, we needed to make sure our solution emulated the real world as accurately as possible and without creating a false radar detection. Given the complex and sophisticated waveforms employed by today's radars, that was a real challenge.

After a tremendous amount of careful and detailed design, we're now seeing good results on a variety of radars. My goal for all this work is to see our technology widely adapted in the autonomous vehicle industry and to know that it's helping the engineers who are making autonomous vehicles a reality.

Henrik Liebau

Henrik Liebau, R&D Manager, Autonomous Drive Emulation Platform

From the very beginning, when we started considering innovative ideas for testing autonomous drive systems, we discussed challenges around getting radar sensors into the game. What I have personally enjoyed most on this project is the interaction with lead customers and partners, which has helped shape our vision into the Radar Scene Emulator product that is now a reality.

In addition, working with a team across the globe – between the U.S., China, Malaysia, Germany, France, and Korea, to name a few – and with bright and innovative engineers in Keysight, with our partners, and customers, has made this journey so interesting. Seeing this product come together now is a tremendous achievement!

Tim Schoeffler

Tim Schoeffler, R&D Software Lead Engineer

Tim Schoeffler, R&D Software Lead Engineer

Autonomous driving is a big milestone for the future of mobility. As a huge science fiction fan, it fascinates me to work on this technology, and to help turn what was once fiction into reality. Working with experts all around the world to pave the way for the next generation of autonomous vehicles is truly my engineer's dream come true.

Bernhard Holzinger

Bernhard Holzinger, System Architect, Autonomous Drive Emulation Platform

I would like to quote Theodore von Kármán – a mathematician, aerospace engineer, and physicist. He said: “Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been.”

In fact, being able to participate in creating something totally new is what keeps me thrilled to be an engineer. It’s not only to overcome technical challenges, but it’s also being able to work together with other engineers all over the world who share the same passion.

Stephan Schirrmann

Stephan Schirrmann, R&D Hardware Lead Engineer

Fully autonomous driving is one of the next big tech things, with a huge impact on traffic safety, the way we travel, and ultimately our society. I’m convinced that this will be a good thing. Getting the opportunity to contribute a tiny bit to that future is very exciting!

When I joined the hardware team, I wasn’t aware yet that I would become part of the largest group of people that I had ever worked with on a single project. I’m still impressed every day by the skills and dedication of everyone in all the necessary disciplines that ultimately made it possible to get to this point.

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