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Automotive technology has changed over time to a moving combination of integrated computer systems—advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), adaptive cruise control, hybrid engines, Internet access, and Bluetooth connection. Automakers are looking to Ethernet technologies to provide a single, flexible, scalable, more cost-effective in-vehicle networking backbone.

To ensure optimal design, functionality, performance, safety, security, and interoperability of these connected cars, automakers and their suppliers need comprehensive test solutions to validate devices, systems, applications, and even the entire in-vehicle network.

Automotive Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) Testing

AVB addresses the various technical issues around streaming audio and video (AV) over best effort or queued Ethernet. Powered by Novus ONE PLUS fixed chassis, Xcellon-Multis AVB 40/10GE load modules, and Metronome timing system, IxNetwork is a field-proven AVB/TSN test solution validating that components and networks adhere to standards specifications. It is used by carmakers and component manufacturers to simulate the native Automotive Ethernet physical layer, validating:

Validating Automotive Ethernet Time-Sensitive Networking

This webinar explores validation challenges for audio/video bridging (AVB) and time-sensitive networking (TSN) in automotive Ethernet networks.

Solving Automotive Test Challenges

Keysight products enable real-world validation of in-vehicle fixed, wireless, and security technologies, empowering the automotive industry to build best-in-class in-vehicle components like ADAS, infotainment systems, and always-on networking. Keysight is a leader in network, device, application, and security testing for automotive Ethernet functionality, accelerating new in-vehicle features and delivering a safer driving experience.

To learn more about the latest in automotive Ethernet testing, we invite you to browse the presentations given by our experts at leading industry conferences:

Browse the presentations below to learn more about the latest in industrial Ethernet and TSN testing:

Gateway Security Testing

With the open interfaces exposed by connected vehicles, it is crucial to create different zones and segments within the vehicle to protect mission-critical systems and passenger privacy. The “Security ECU” or “Gateway ECU” plays an important role and it needs rigorous testing to validate:

  • Firewall and access control list (ACL)
  • Intrusion detection with or without evasions
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Protocol translation
  • Data routing

BreakingPoint simulates realistic cybersecurity threats with evasion techniques. The most heavy-duty IT firewalls depend on it for performance qualification. It is also ideal for gateway ECU validation in connected vehicles.

Automotive Ethernet and TCP/IP ECU Compliance and Interoperability Testing

Quickly validate compatibility and prepare for interoperability and standards compliance of AUTOSAR- and GENIVI-based ECUs, from any Windows or Linux system. Ensure stack compatibility of IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, SOME/IP, SD, and many more standard protocols using a ready-to-execute suite of 1300+ rich test-sets. With over 15 years of market exposure in IT systems and networks, Keysight's industry-leading IxANVL solution validates the following automotive Ethernet test specifications:

  • OPEN Alliance Automotive Ethernet ECU Test Specification 1.0
  • AUTOSAR Acceptance Tests 1.1
  • AUTOSAR Testability Protocol and Service Primitives 1.1

AVNU Conformance and Interoperability Tests

The IxNetwork Avnu conformance and interoperability tests for the Automotive profile helps testers ensure the high-quality standard of the engine control unit (ECU) and prepare for the Avnu certification program. This feature comes as a test library that includes pre-defined test cases as per the Avnu test plans, packet-level debugging capability, results analysis at different levels, and flexible test run design.

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