What's New in Genesys Release 2006.07

In addition to serious performance improvements in the simulators, Genesys Release 2006.07 offers:

Totally New

  • Eye Diagrams - A new eye function has been added to equations to be able to graph eye diagrams
  • Netlist Import - Import an old netlist format file and convert it to schematic/graphs/analyses
  • Load Pull Import - Import an a load pull file and convert to graph-compatible data
  • Part List - Adds a new Add Part command to add parts via a partlist
  • SPECTRASYS - Added a Delete All Paths button
  • Equations - New functions: addindep, setplottype, wave2spec, tandeg, hb_spurious
  • Models - Added Varistor, NLRES, and NLCAP models


  • Annotation - Improvements to text formatting and selection
  • CAYENNE - Support for voltage testpoints and current probes
  • DC Analysis - Support for voltage testpoints and current probes
  • Documentation - General documentation was improved and enhanced
  • Empower - Removed polygon upper limits, improved cancel speed
  • Equations - Better subselection and string support
  • Examples - Some new and improved examples, specifically in Tutorials and Scripting
  • Graphs - Marker font height selection, improved ZIN recognition, usable Complex format selection with Smith markers, improved graph mouseover display accuracy
  • HARBEC - Implemented PDPORT (port delivered power) measurement, sped up linear circuit analysis
  • MODELS - MTE model improvement, fix to RLOSS when 0 at DC, change transformer DC to blocking, serious speedups to MSPIND and MRING
  • Optimization - Optimization algorithms were sped up and have improved convergence
  • Schematics - Improved connector drawing, part dragging, keyboard dragging, added process color changes to symbols, better ParamSet and Netlist display in PartList
  • Scripting - Some new verbs added to support complex script programs
  • SPECTRASYS - Double-balanced mixer uses balun isolation, sped up harmonic propagation, improved intermod ignore points, improved mixer and other noise analysis
  • Status Dialog - Now allows resizing and minimizing
  • Tuning - Optimizations now have a StartOpt and EndOpt tune set
  • Workspace Migration - Improvements to translation of: models (some) and equations

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