Basic Performance Modules, N6700 Power System

Economical DC power supply modules ideal for most tests

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Meet Your Test Requirements and Budget

Keysight basic modules provide stable output, device protection, and accurate measurements. A single range allows programming voltages and currents from 0 V and 0 A to their maximum voltage and current rating. Use 2-wire local sense or 4-wire remote sense to improve regulation. All modules feature a quick disconnect connector.

  • Programmable output voltages: 0 to 150 V
  • Output power: 50 to 300 W
  • Voltage accuracy: 0.1% + 19 mV (5V output)
  • Ripple and noise 10 mV (5V output)
  • Up and down-programming with resistive load typically 20 ms
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection
  • Basic modules are single wide allowing four per mainframe
  • Modules can operate at lower output power to stay within mainframe rating
  • Modules include a quick disconnect connector

Key Specifications

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