Accelerate M-PHY Product Designs with Deep Insights

MIPI™ M-PHY standards are the backbone of next-generation mobile computing designs. These complex, fast architectures force you to add multiple high-speed busses into your designs. The Keysight U4431A offers up to 4 data lanes with 16 GB trace depth, allowing you to capture tens of seconds of system traffic even at high speeds.

  • Real-time triggers allow error detection on each protocol layer 
  • Analytic tools can focus on specific types of traffic
  • Measurement markers show traffic in a vast range from entire bursts to nanosecond resolution
  • Modular AXIe blade form allows you to analyze multiple M-PHY busses simultaneously
  • Easy upgrade options let you quickly add to the system as requirements change
  • Powerful interface allows unlimited customization of system views

UFS Protocol Analyzer

The U4431A MIPI M-PHY analyzer offers an optional packet generator that allows you to emulate host system behavior while interacting with a UFS/UniPro device. The packet generator will:

  • Bring up the UFS link, configure the device, and make requests to the device.
  • Test UFS conformance under a variety of conditions
  • Capture traffic sent to the target system and all responses from the device
  • Act as either a bi-directional mid-bus analyzer or as a packet generator

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