Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 2011.11 adds the following key new and improved capabilities:

  • FEM Passive Loads – include lumped RLC loads in FEM simulations

  • FEM 2D Port Solver – quickly analyze port modes and propagation characteristics

  • Genesys Layout Import – Import designs from Keysight Genesys to perform full 3D simulations

  • Faster FEM Simulations – 2x speed improvement in iterative solver

  • ADS Link Improvements - export s-parameter results directly as an ADS schematic "emModel" component

  • Several additional usability enhancements


EMPro 2011.11What’s New in EMPro 2011.11?

EMPro 2011.11 delivers new capabilities to speed the design and analysis of 3D models. If you are new to EMPro, take a look at the Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) main page.

FEM Passive Loads

Include user-defined RLC passive loads directly in a FEM simulation to represent matching or surface-mount components. The loads are defined in the EM setup environment, which consists of common series and parallel RLC network topologies. This capability enables accurate field visualization results that take into account passive loads.

FEM Passive Loads

FEM 2D Port Solver

Quickly analyze port modes and propagation characteristics with the fast, two-dimensional port solver. This simplifies FEM simulation port setup, allowing users to quickly and easily determine the higher order modes, reference impedance and optimum impedance line placement.

2D Port Solver

Genesys Layout Import

Starting with Keysight Genesys 2012.01, users can export layout designs directly to EMPro and run full 3D frequency domain and time domain EM simulations, then provide S-parameter results back to Genesys for circuit simulations.

Genesys Layout Import to EMPro

Faster FEM Simulations

EMPro 2011.11 delivers a fast FEM iterative solver that provides an additional 1.5X-2X speed improvement (on top of the 2X speedup already realized in the 2011.07 release) for simulations that include internal ports, reflecting Keysight’s ongoing commitment to fast-paced advancements in simulation technology.

ADS Link Improvements

In addition to exporting s-parameter results as CITI files or ADS design kit files, you can now export results as an “emModel” component, which contains the data and schematic symbol, ready for use within an ADS schematic simulation.

Additional Usability Enhancements

FEM simulations can now be interrupted and the intermediate data can be re-used to speed up future simulations. Also, there are several UI enhancements, such as improved visual simulation progress indicators.

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